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The California insurance commissioner amazingly correctly identifies the fundamental problem related to insurance companies limiting their risk in California, over regulation. They are leaving!

What the California legislature and governor will do to deal with the problem remains to be seen, but if history is an indicator they will do the exact opposite of what is necessary.

State Farm refuses to renew policies in California: 2min. 25 sec.

Everything to the hammer government is a nail.

And like in most all things it does not take weak go along to get along over regulation that results in the further confiscation of the people's freedom and wealth to solve real problems. It takes strong more Conservative leadership with the proper vision and commitment to freeing and enriching the individual that solves problems. And that as we can clearly see especially in California is nonexistent.

The solution to all problems in Socialist like states and countries in the world is more and more mandates and more and more taxation and regulation, until it all falls apart or people become so enraged that they take real action that is.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/21/24

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