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Updated: Jul 2, 2023

How in the hell are the promises made by President Biden and those Democrat party operatives who arrange his positions and agenda about "YOUR" student loan forgiveness and the reparations issue related?

Biden says he didn't give students ‘false hope’ on loans ( Yes, President Biden did give them false hope, by design. It is called a bait and switch, of the political, emotional manipulation kind.

Both student loan forgiveness and reparations are hot button radical Left Democrat party, "Pay your fair share", bright line issues and are both NEVER going to be realized because they are both illogical and irrational by design, not to mention both are un-Constitutional. Both student loan forgiveness and reparations are just hollow promises to get classes of people focused and get attention that serve as vehicles to keep two voting blocs in the Democrat party machine voting mode. The black American voting block and the young gen X student loan voting bloc. Nothing more nothing less, they are but emotional political manipulations. It is a bait and switch.

Student loans: So you signed a contract and took out a loan that was supposed to be used for your education and you're improving your life. Very good. And these loans can get piled pretty high. Good, bad or otherwise, what did you make of it? And now you have to pay it back.

*And to be sure when the government entered into the student loan guarantee business is the moment that education became more and more and more expensive because of the tremendous amount of cash that the government was providing to those higher education institutions. All of that easy free flowing money becoming available caused universities to drive up their prices. Simple economics, the government incentivized universities to do what they did. Remember, the government through policy and political agenda can incentivize or disincentivize people and companies / corporations / universities etc.

Real world example: A friend was bouncing around the country on a university road trip so his daughter could decide which university she wanted to attend. Her biggest concern? What was the "Greek Life" like? Her fathers biggest concern? How much it would cost him per year? And that number was an average from what he related to me of about $68,000.00 PER YEAR. To him! Are you getting my point about government and massive amounts of "Free" flowing cash in the student loan business?

And then a politician and those who runs him or her decides that hey, you should have those contracts and loans that you signed for be forgiven. In other words, the politician and those who strategize and wargame how they are going to ensure that they retain and further acquire their political power with your vote at the ballot box are in real terms buying a segment of the populations vote. AND they do with other people's money! Your money! Remember, government has no money of its own. See how that works?

And they propose the forgiveness of your student loan fully understanding that from the jump that their proposal and efforts are un-Constitutional, the president in this example has no power to do what he / they propose, and it will be in time judged so by the Supreme Court. It really is brilliant when you objectively think about it. Politicians selling a fully known false hope.

To my point about the known bait and switch student loan forgiveness plan: Supreme Court Justice Roberts cites former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D) in his opinion: Nancy Pelosi, 2021: "People think that the President of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness. He does not. He can postpone. He can delay. But he does not have that power. That has to be an act of Congress,” Pelosi said in a 2021 press conference. “The President can’t do it. So that’s not even a discussion. Not everybody realizes that. But the President can only postpone, delay, but not forgive." Then why do it? Pure political pandering in order to acquire and retain political power, plain and simple.

"After doing some digging, he found that the shell companies were based in Delaware but had sued dozens of people in Tennessee for defaulting on their loans.

He subsequently took the companies to court in his home state to find out if they were in fact holding his loan. They failed to respond and he got an automatic win from the court known as a default judgment."

And this same emotional political hot button bait and switch tactic is being used in regard to some in the black population in America using the subject of reparations. And that is but one more emotional hot button bright line issue tactic for some (D) which will in time if it is seriously politically and in law pursued as also being judged un-Constitutional.

Remember, you and the vast majority of all others in America today, meaning everyone, never owned slaves. AND most people black or otherwise today in America never were slaves. I believe that the Founders and their Constitution, President Lincoln (R) and President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) and his "Great Society" attempted to in some way shape or form reconcile this issue. And trillions of dollars were spent to make that attempt. To what end?

Is the son required to pay for the sins of the father? No, no, and no. Just one more modern day political psyops to divide and manipulate people and retain political power.

As an example: Gavin Newsome in his self-loving magnificence who clearly is now positioning himself and has plans to run for the presidency two years ago initiated a reparations panel to work out what each black Californian was due by the state of California. (By the way, California if you know your history was not a slave state.) And I have heard numbers after this panel came to some agreement thrown around of between $5 to $7 million dollars per each black Californian. Which is valued at about $800 billion dollars. Keeping in mind that at this moment I believe that California because of similar polices is about -$32 billion in deficit. Now you can use your student loan paid for education and do that math.

Now Mr. Newsome I would have to calculate strategically initiated this reparations panel in order to politically pander to that particular segment of the black population that has latched on to the reparations concept. Just like the Democrat party machine under President Biden (D) proposed to forgive $400 billion dollars has pandered to those with student loans in order to secure their reliable vote at the ballot box. Votes are cheap when they are paid for with "Other People's Money"!

What do you think that the governor of California when presented with this $800 billion dollar bill for reparations in a state that had no slavery will do? In his pandering he has IMO painted himself into a political race pandering corner and it will be interesting to see how he side steps the issue. And once again such things will in time if they are attempted to be instituted will be found to also be un-Constitutional. Just one more emotional political bait and switch.

Both situations are a political scam and psyops and an emotional manipulation in the search to secure and cement votes in the "correct" column at the ballot box in order to retain and further acquire political power. Period!

The conclusion? Don't be an emotional manipulated tool of your political "betters" who seek your freedom, your money and their political power and control. JGL 6/30/23

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