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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

You have to admit, whether it is prescience or just meat and potatoes common sense given the information that has escaped from the control of the media information prison of "truth" and "justice". Or as a result of the information that is in the public sphere as a result of pure stone-cold in your face, "Big D###, "I am much smarter than you and can do as I please" hubris by politicians themselves. One in particular, but it is not by any means an exclusive club.

(In answer to a questioning media: "Where's the money?" Stand by?)

I produced this tee shirt over two years ago, but it was not ready for prime time and is still sitting in a box. In my opinion prime time may almost be here whether it is based in legal actions (unlikely) or it is based in public opinion and undeniable outrage.

Something of consequence approaches on both sides of the political game and there will have to be political solutions fashioned in order to solve those problems as distasteful as that may sound to some.

There are lines in law and politics, everyone knows pretty much where they live. And they are flexible to a degree, but they are pretty clearly laid out by the Constitution. The Constitution gives you all the rope you need to hang yourself, choose wisely.

"Hubris is one of the great renewable resources."

Sales for my new tee shirt I suspect may begin soon.

Are you paying attention yet America?

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