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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

One of my readers responded to my story panel from the other day "WILL THE BASEMENT STRATGEY WORK AGAIN?". And their response was "Crazy, LOL".

And this was my response to them: "Not crazy, mostly all planned, and it is focused on eliminating America from the leading position in the world. The Globalist wet dream cannot take place if America remains dominant."

Are you sitting down?

And how have I come to such a really drastic and counter intuitive conclusion that lies beyond most individuals' ability to believe? In my investigations, observations and my applying rational thought to how I understand human beings think and act as it relates to the acquisition of and the retention of power, particularly Political power there is no other conclusion that you can arrive at. Reality is what it is and no amount of ignoring or refusing to "SEE" it will ever change that brutal fact.

And when I say "Mostly planned" I mean a general goal has been set within a segment of a political faction within government and they have been moving towards that goal slowly, incrementally over time. Actions, some dramatic, most are more subtle are planned and executed and both categories of actions are beyond the everyday individual's ability to clearly see and understand or even believe. Why do so much of what comes out of government both local and federal not really make sense to you? Open borders flooded with illegals all paid to live in America with your taxes? All while sending hundreds of millions to other countries to build border walls? Shutting down Americas ability to produce energy? 14% mortgage rates? Your president telling you there is no inflation, and your grocery and energy bill is literally 30% or more than what it was 2 years ago? The clear political weaponization of the law, justice and court system focused on those who pose a direct threat to the current Political Power structure? The no need for voting in the future? These things make sense to you?

They do not make sense from your rational pay the mortgage and the utilities bill, make sure the kids have something to eat individual perspective. And things are just presented, forced really as the new reality you must now deal with, not many questions asked. There are in fact two conversations going on and you are not privy to one of those conversations. You want some evidence? Below read a direct quote by the first CIA director, William Casey as it relates to what Americans think they understand and know.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."-William J. Casey, CIA Director

"This quote was originally spoken by Mr. Casey sometime in early February of 1981, at a meeting in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House, at which the White House policy analyst Barbara Honegger was present (who was then acting as Assistant to the chief domestic policy adviser to the President). She then relayed it to her Godmother, the Senior White House Correspondent Sarah McClendon, who made the quote public without naming the original source, through the Radio host Mae Brussel."

And when did this kind of politics and governmental action begin? Really from the beginning, but in earnest IMO contemporarily starting with the events that unfolded on 9/11/2001. That IMO is the date that the transformation of America into a non or much dialed down influencer and dominator of international and world affairs. America is being turned over time into a member of and not the dominant force in the world. And in order for that to be accomplished the Constitution that protects you from government abuses must be gutted and just become symbolic.

This is IMO the initial revealing germination point of the Globalist agenda which was first publicly stated. They always tell you what they intend. George Bush sr. (R) and his "New World Order" speech: 1:51 min.

Now was Mr. Bush's intent honest and true and was focused on the America as founded legacy remaining dominant into the future? Or was this was just the initial step in the eventual surrendering of America to that "New World Order" that he spoke of. Where America is required to surrender its Objective law, justice, court system and individual Rights to a Subjective world model where you are required to do as you are told as per the *NEW* all-inclusive, warm and fuzzy U.N. / World Economic Forum structured and directed World Government?

Has Mr. Bush's well-intentioned imaginings been highjacked and trans mutated by the "dark side"? But then we remember President George Bush sr. was the 11th Director of the CIA, just like Mr. Casey was the Director of the CIA. Coincidence? At this level IMO there are no coincidences. What is there? See Strategy Over Morality below.

Trust not what any politically empowered person says, only trust the actions that they take. Government and the politically empowered and appointed who populate it are not paid to be truthful or even moral. Although they will represent themselves to be and act in exactly those ways. Your only test for truth is what they do.

The people in the Pedestrian Realm (that is you) generally see government as the protector of their / your Rights, their interests and are always required to be moral and tell them the truth. And that is not so in the least. That is just a paternal childlike understanding of what government is. Government is about governing and governing has nothing to do with truth or morality or protecting your Rights. It has to do with power and governing. As a matter of fact, the government is the ever-present danger and threat to you and your Rights and interests and that is exactly what the Constitution was constituted for and exists to attempt to counterbalance.

Now, you must decide what is information, and what is disinformation? Where do you get your news and information in order to determine which is which?

There are about 6 major corporations that own and control what you are allowed to see, read and hear in media today. And if you depend on any of those 6 or so main corporate entities that controls the news and what you are allowed to know, you know the "MESS" NBC's, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Disney, AT&T, you are uninformed and you are controlled. As a matter of fact, your disinformed. It is called programming for a reason.

So, you decide, is this information or is this disinformation that you have just read? You decide, what will you do? What will you do?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/12/23

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