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Updated: Jan 28

What is "Something Not Nothing"? What is that about?

I do not know if you have ever noticed, but there are some things that exist in this universe in this reality that we all inhabit that appear to be just beyond our ability to either fully detect and observe and or fully understand. What do I mean by that?

*Have you ever had a lucid dream that was so real that you question what you have experienced and have trouble making a distinction between it and your waking reality?

*Have you ever seen something, and you have no reference in rationally identifying and explaining it?

*Have you ever experienced multilayered inexplicable compounding coincidences that leave you scratching your head in wonder?

*Have you ever had an emergency health crisis and while you were in distress or unconscious or even technically dead were transported to a place that is inexplicable?

*Have you ever heard of reincarnation stories that are just too unbelievable, but there they are all the same?

*Or have you had an out of body experience where you were able to see and hear all around you while your health crisis was on going? And during this experience real information was either observed by you or transmitted to you about people and things that you have no prior knowledge or connection to and there is no possible terrestrial way you could be in possession of that information? And that real information is Objectively confirmed when you "come back"?

These are generally but not limited to the subjects that Something Not Nothing will be looking at and I will be relating my own first-person experiences, observations and conclusions about this phenomenon that have led me on this crazy ride.

And it is crazy, it has taken me years to get to this point of actually writing it down for others to read, consider and share.

I will be looking at consciousness, perception, Objective and Subjective observation, science, religion and how history and government deals with such out of the norm other worldly things. From UFO's to sasquatch (don't laugh) to the Shroud of Turin to NDE's, Lucid dreams and much, much more.

It truly is a crazy ride.

As an introduction take a look and listen to this former forensic detective, Randy Shiefer, and his first-person story and experience and tell me what you think: 26 min.

Rationally explain that to me.

Keeping in mind I make particular hardline distinctions concerning such testimonies. The person must have a very high degree of credibility, and there must be that transfer of real information or data Objectively confirmed after the fact. Stories about extraordinary lucid dreams and visions are one thing, but when real confirmable information and data is transferred during some documented extreme personal event that is the hardline where you must understand that we as human beings apparently are a part of Something more than what we can normally detect and explain and Not Nothing.

What exactly *IT is I am not in any way shape or form suggesting, because I do not know. We as human beings may not have the intellectual ability or capacity to understand *IT. But through Objective observation and rational inference we know *IT is there.

*IT may well be the reason that there is life on this planet and in this universe.

This introduction is the initial installment in a series of first-person stories, videos and other evidence. So, please feel free to send me some of your own next level undeniable experiences that fit that hardline criterion or comments on the subject.

Are you paying attention yet humanity? JGL 1/10/24

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