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Listening to most of the arguments in the case being heard against former president Trump regarding his eligibility to be on the ballot in Colorado and by extension the rest of the states in the United States.

And I am writing this while the arguments at the Supreme Court rages on.

While the lawyer arguing the position that former president Trump be excluded is a very good and competent litigator, he in my opinion has failed in the argument to exclude former president Trump from the Colorado ballot based on the former president being an insurrectionist.

I believe that the ruling will be or should be 9 to zero in rejecting the argument and former president Trump will be included on ALL state's ballots in the 2024 presidential election.

Anything other than that IMO is an actual and true "Threat to The Constitution".

Offices as opposed to officers, as opposed to the people of America and their Right, as offensive as that may be to some, to choose THEIR candidates for president is for them to make and not an individual state or their politicians and their politically driven interpretation to make.

The First Amendment and the Right to free speech that it enshrines is about speech, political or otherwise that may be offensive to some. Sometimes, many times, political speech is offensive.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/8/24

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