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A new feature here on the SIGMA3iOC BLOG, walking tours of the world: Short, simple and to the point. Look for the North Korean and the Venezuela tours coming soon.

And here we have our initial walking tour of, Havana Cuba: What Is CUBA Like TODAY 🇨🇺 - YouTube 25:41 min. (Take the three-minute tour, it is all you need)

It's like a magical fairytale Disney movie with forts and castle like buildings that you can actually travel to. Its real and you can visit and stay for a while and immerse yourself in the true Cuban experience.

Think about it, an authentic 1950's car picks you up at the airport driving you to your hotel. Then to the many clubs, restaurants, the beach and up into the mountains. And it is very affordable! And the music is fantastic!

And the people? The people are good, honest and they are just like you. Living, getting by, hardworking and looking for a better life and a better way of life for themselves and their families. Just like you.

(And if you have not noticed there are parts of America that are now beginning to resemble the streets of Havana. Coincidence?)

Cuba is a place where most all and every citizen is really objectively equal. A stellar example of Socialism in practice in the real world. How do they keep the rustic fairytale set like architecture so authentic? Must cost them millions to maintain and keep in this vacation ready fantasy state.

Note: There is vast difference between a Democracy and Capitalist based system in a country that chooses to implement some social programs here and there, and a truly authoritarian Socialist based country. Two different things entirely. Be careful because to think the one is just like the other with just some warm and fuzzy modifications and tweaks here and there is a very consequential mistake. It is like being a little pregnant, eventually you are having a baby.

And yes, it is true, there are no investigations into corruption and perversion in Cuba, there is no corruption or perversions to investigate in Cuba. And no media or internet issues concerning governmental collusion with media and big pharma ever in Cuba. You just do as you are directed and live as you are told. It gives real meaning to the World Economic Forums saying: "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy".

Maybe someday, America?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/8/23

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