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Now you may personally despise Trump, I can understand that to a degree. You cannot however argue that he is not a very successful person in the things that he pursues. Like it or not Trump takes care of business, and more times than not he is a winner. And he is a winner because his vison and goals are clearly arranged in his head, and he moves towards his goals in a proper sometimes very strong manner. That is a trait of a true leader.

Let me illustrate for you if you are still not understanding my point: Afghanistan.

Trump clearly had the most honorable exit arranged to leave Afghanistan. The U.S. leaves Afghanistan without anyone getting killed and all Americans being evacuated and removing as much military advantage as possible from enemy forces. Simple clearly laid out goals and you will see below how those goals were or would have been accomplished. Watch the one minute video below and you will better understand.

"If you harm a hair on a single head, I will kill you!" "Tell him!". As Trump handed a satellite picture of the head of the Taliban's home to him. Then he walked out of the room. That seems to have gotten the Taliban leaders attention because no American to my understanding under the Trump administration was harmed in Afghanistan. And then what happened?

Now that, when called for, is proper and results oriented diplomacy. America and the world desperately need more of that. Benevolent power and strength in leadership must be the hallmark of the American president.

Pure stone-cold gangster in the absolute interests of America and the American people. And that moment of clarity, true and unambiguous leadership is a moment in time where your enemies understand you and there is peace and mutual respect. Do you understand?

And here we contrast the actual true leadership of a true leader filling the executive position in the American government, and the decisions made by committee, agenda or political ideology made by someone who is not in any way a true leader and who is clearly just a hollow political body filling the executive position. Two very different things. And one you do not want.

The one will result in a positive move into the future where prosperity, freedom, power and hope for the future for the most people on the planet exists.

And the other is the result of a weak person, a pure say anything do anything hollow politician who is receiving orders from "others" that surround them in an effort to IMO diminish America in an effort to equalize its power and surrender it to those "others" in the world.

Weakness always results over time in treason.

And this weakness in leadership has empowered and enriched our enemies and resulted in the deaths of 13 soldiers and many others, totally forgotten about and dismissed in a debate by the then commander in chief. And the abandoning of American citizens behind enemy lines and facilitating one of the biggest arms dealers on the planet selling the highest level of deadly weapons. DISGRACEFUL! TREASONOUS! And you should never accept such actions from any American politician.

Now, you may call that progress, but I do not! And if you do you need a checkup from the neck up. But we must "Destroy the Patriarchy!". I hate to inform you, without the "Patriarchy" I.E. strong, benevolent, rational American oriented leadership you will all be owned and dominated by those "Others". The "Patriarchy" ensures your freedom to believe you want to destroy the "Patriarchy". You chew on that for a while.

You as an American voter are going to have to figure this out and correct the trajectory of your country. Because America desperately needs to be adjusted away from this inherent dangerous weakness that expresses itself as treasonous acts and weak fraudulent leadership. To say the least.

You have a family member in the military? Your son, your daughter, your grandson or daughter? You must demand true leadership from your president; to ask / vote for anything less is to abandon your family member and country. Just like the Biden administration and the Democrats that surround him did in Afghanistan.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/3/24

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