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Updated: Apr 10

Let's discuss the $20.00 minimum wage which has just been enacted in the Socialist State of California (formerly just California). What is the legislature and governor accomplishing in passing this kind of law that essentially invades the private property and business operation of the franchise food industry owner?

This IMO is a direct attempt at the forced redistribution of private property and wealth by drawing unreasonable levels of required minimum wage pay for workers. Not based in market economics. From businesses that already work with thin profit margins, ever-growing costs for food and overhead in the inflationary environment that we are all experiencing. Have you been to the grocery store lately?

Socialist government social engineering policy is in effect destroying entry level and low and unskilled individual position opportunities in business. California government is actively destroying jobs and opportunity for young people. That is the short and long-term effect of confiscatory redistribution policies like these. Forcing private businesses to trade human prosperity and the building of a good work ethic and business stability for technology and robots and a so called "Living Wage"? Is that an equitable trade off?

A general fast-food worker in California in a normal 5 day / 52 week year of work will be mandated by government to be paid a minimum of approximately $41,600.00. Add to that the various unemployment and insurance requirements and that cost to business will be even higher. Add to that the current high cost of goods and high interest rates and what we will see is business stalling, pulling back, bankruptcies and or closures.

How many 16- and 17-year-olds do you want to be forced to pay $20.00 an hour? That would be around zero. And so now there will be less work and jobs for young people looking to get into the work force and begin to build some very valuable experience in the real world.

Socialists believe that they have the authority to manage and tweak the social order and the fundamentals of business I.E. Capitalism. They believe that all business should exist in some form of cooperative model where no one individual owns, controls or financially benefits from that business entity. But the government does essentially attempt to manage and tweak private business by their onerous authoritarian mandated rules and regulations.

And who wrote the law for Governor Newsome to sign? SEIU: 3 min.

SEIU: The Service Employees International Union wrote the law, and no one involved is allowed to talk about the negotiations. Socialists must have secrecy.

And this is of course this new law is incorrect, is very misguided and very destructive to both private entrepreneurship and the fundamental concepts contained in the Constitution regarding private property, individual Rights and of course fundamental economics. But the "progressive" Social engineers in California essentially have a natural fundamental aversion to such fundamental concepts.

America was not built, nor will it ever prosper in the future under such Socialist models that promote dependency on government authoritarian rules and mandates. And I believe that is their intent.

Without private initiative, without the visionary industrious individual, and without private investment and the economic risk reward equation and the ability to profit and grow a business there are no worthwhile jobs, and there is no prosperity for anyone in such models. Just dependency on government.

There is no such thing as "Socialism Light" as some "progressives" propose who seek "change". The only resulting condition can be authoritarian force of and by the government in the interests of the government.

And that is the exact opposite of what America by design is about. And that is the "progressive" proposed agenda.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/10/24

Photo by Alisha Jucevic for CalMatters

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Apr 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

And yet, Gavin Newsom's restaurant seems to be exempt from this diktat, since their job posting is offering "only" $16 per hour. The old story--rules for thee, but not for me. No wonder he's smiling.

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