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"It is hard to comprehend the brute force of the federal government until it has been turned against you, personally, as it had been against Sidney. As an attorney for people like him, I see that force being used against good men and women every day."

*American law and justice and how it is structured: In the Objective.

*The government and how it and those who populate it operate: In the Subjective.

The only resulting condition if the government is allowed to run rough shod over the people is Subjective authoritarianism.

And it took this man, now dead, 40 years to drag the government back to the Objective and prevail.

The problem here? The government is essentially eternal just like a corporate entity and in time will outlast all and will with certainty if not opposed and counter balanced drag everyone into authoritarianism. Government, each and every government that has ever existed from a King to a Congress can do nothing else. Government is necessary, but it is a necessary evil.

*** And you ask yourself why the government that happens to be extremely Subjectively radically and right now Left oriented is so involved in what your children MUST be taught and indoctrinated into thinking about how wonderful *IT* and complying with what *IT* dictates being taught in school? Be confused no more. You are witness to radical Left oriented internal Subjective political conquest where government seizes the children, removes them from their parents care or oversight and indoctrinates them. See: Marxist doctrine and every conquest in history, from the Sumerians, to the Greeks, to the Romans, to Genghis Khan and the Mongol hoards, to the French, to the English, to the Americans etc. Nothing new here.

What is the first thing that all conquers do? Kill everyone who is perceived to threaten their power and control, destroy all vestiges of their culture, words and language, and confiscate the young children from their dead or now enslaved parents and reeducate them. It is an old and proven effective strategy. And that is exactly what you are witness to in America today, internal political conquest by the radical Left. A bloodless coup........ for now.

Every civilization throughout history has done the exact same thing and you are right now involved in and witness to the internal political coup by the radical Left who is to some great degree in control of government its agencies and the administration of law and justice, media and the corporate world. I believe technically that is called fascism, of the Leftist kind ***

And the only thing by design that can at least slowdown that eternal process and march towards Subjective government authoritarianism is people like the man who won his legal fight but who is now dead.

Now that is a sad, frustrating and ironic situation we find ourselves presented with. Be afraid.

And still the political warfare battle rages on. But why?

Because we as Americans can do nothing else as per the Constitution. It is either fight the eternal political warfare battle or bow down and surrender to the government's universal authoritarian nature and rule, Left or Right. Government can do and be nothing else.

How do we fight political warfare in America? Lawyers, Courts and Money!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/15/23

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