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Updated: Jan 25

In politics if you have not noticed there are kinds of people that operate in a special way on the fringes and provide "special services" to primarily the radicals on the Left. What do I mean? You know, the loyal soldiers who do and say what must be done and said in politics and in the legal system. And they do it understanding that they for the most part do it without risk of legal consequences.

They are actually held up as righteous heroes by the likeminded political zealots. Anything for the cause.

The most recent example appears to be in court right now after law was fabricated that facilitated their goal and eliminated any statues of limitations for a convenient short window anyway. Why? In order to stop out or dirty up the main political opposition candidate.

And keeping in mind that this complainant as I understand it who conveniently cannot recall the year or date of her alleged assault. Or recently revealed the correct clothes that she was wearing, who is being bank rolled by a billionaire who is clearly committed to the destruction of the main political candidate and political party that poses the existential threat to his / their desired politics, political agenda and political party. Hmmmm.

And many people on both sides of politics have found themselves in legal if not financial jeopardy because of this blip in law. And my identifying this situation and blip in law is in no way suggesting that there is no such thing as sexual abuse, not at all. But there must be reasonable limits put in place regarding such things and they are called statues of limitations.

If you have been abused, I understand that you may be physically and or psychologically injured, scared and embarrassed about it. But the New York State governor seems to have done this for political reasons over her genuine concern for those long ago abused. A politically convenient virtue signal and effective political weapon? You tell me what you think.

And this case being tried in New York City is based on a let's say "unique" lady who was herself and by her own words intensely interested, even obsessed with her alleged assaulter. And she apparently could not remember the date and or the year as I understand it of her alleged assault. Hmmmm.

Then we have in recent history another "Good Soldier", a woman who made sexual accusations against a Supreme Court Justice candidate that dated way back when she was 16 years old. But I did not believe one word she said, I saw her as one more "Good Soldier" doing what must be done and taking care of business for the cause.

Again, no evidence just non confirmable multiple decades old amorphous sexual accusations focused on what was supposed to be a Conservative candidate for the high court. Hmmmm.

And then we have another woman, another loyal "Good Soldier" as I saw it, that made accusations against a more Conservative Supreme Court candidate. Accusations that were again just non confirmable sexual allegations against a man that posed a very long-term existential threat to a political agenda and Liberal political agenda.

"September 3, 1991: Hill was first approached by the Judiciary Committee and was invited to provide background information on Thomas because she had worked with him, according to a New York Times article the following month, which cites a written statement from Hill that was sent to news organizations."

"September 26, 1991: Three days later, the FBI completed its investigation, and a report was submitted to the White House and the Judiciary Committee, according to Smith’s statement. “The White House reviewed the report and determined that the allegation was unfounded,” the statement said."

"October 11, 1991: Hill testifies that Thomas had sexually harassed her while she worked with him at the Education Department and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Hill said Thomas frequently asked her out on dates and described his sexual interests to her. Thomas denies the allegations."

"October 23, 1991: Thomas is sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court."

C. Thomas: "A disgusting travesty, This is a circus. A high tech lynching"

And you will note who the head high tech executioner is, Senator at the time, Joe Biden (D).

"Good Soldiers" will do anything, sacrifice themselves, including die for what they believe is an existential threat cause. Especially when their accusations occur within the Political Realm and ultimate power and control is the prize. And they are highly unlikely to suffer any legal repercussions. As a matter of fact, there will make movies about you, books written, generous speaking fees paid. You will be rewarded; you will surreptitiously be paid.

Why? Because you were a good soldier taking care of business for the cause.

And here is an addition list of front-line political junkyard attack dog “Good Soldiers”: Dan Goldman, Fani Willis, Leticia James, Kim Fox, Kin Gardner, Jamie Raskin, Swallowell, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Alvin Bragg and the political attack dog narrative megaphone agenda enforcer list goes on.

Are you beginning to understand and see a pattern? Are you beginning to understand just how desperate the game of politics is and can be?

Politics: The dirtiest, filthiest most perverted, corrupt and deadly game that human beings play.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/23/24

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