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"This is the first time that the common respiratory virus, which causes mild cold-and flu-like symptoms, has been reported to be associated with blood clots and severe thrombocytopenia.".

The first time in history!?

Now when you hear of this apparent *NEW* biological reality expressing itself in the human body where the common cold virus NOW causes a blood clotting disorder, what do you make of that given what the entire world has just been put through? How exactly does that *NEW* biological reality come about in the common cold virus? Let alone the Covid19 virus, the gift that keeps on giving. It is the common cold virus.

Now what could be contributing to such a drastic shift in human biology where a common cold virus that has as far as I can see has never been associated with excess blood clots all of a sudden is now closely associated with causing blood clots?

Hmmmm, what might have been introduced either into the virus or the human hosts that would cause such a drastic *NEW* biological expression and threat to human life? Is this just the natural evolution of the common cold? Something else? What do you think? Information? Disinformation?

Maybe it is one of those many accumulating modern mysteries of reality on planet earth that we humans are unable to comprehend?

A reader comments: "Are we not discussing the rise in swollen lymph nodes? Many women are now having to go for further testing after a routine mammogram. The first explanation was because they got a "booster" 6 weeks prior to testing. Unfortunately, it's now extended, and men are finding enlarged lymph nodes too. What is coming??? Who knows but we will find out".

Remember, it's all a conspiracy theory, until the evidence says it's not.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/5/23

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Oct 05, 2023
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It's really time for a second round of Nuremburg trials.

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Thank you for your relevant comment. Why are those who clearly lied and are politically authoritarian Globalists fighting so hard to install their version of what America should be? Because it is a fight to the death.

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