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Updated: Feb 27

Now if you did the faintest amount of due diligence during the 2008 presidential election between John Sidney McCain III (R) and Barak Hussein Obama (D) you understood that Mr. McCain was in way over his head in presentation, policy and his ability to communicate. And you understood that Mr. Obama was a zero-experience minor mid-west Ivey league trained and indoctrinated junior politician who was particularly chosen. And at the time I defined Mr. Obama as being a philosophical Marxist after looking into who he was by pedigree and where he philosophically came from. Mr. Obama (D) had exactly ZERO qualifications for seeking the highest level of leadership in America.

Mr. Obama (And the Democrat / RINO political parties) prevailing in the 2008 presidential election famously said one and accomplished three essential things in the furtherance of "The Agenda" and has delivered us all to where we are today.

1. And Mr. Obama famously made this statement in 2008. Barack Hussein Obama: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.".

2. Mr. Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act passed by the 111th Congress. And if you remember an initial ruling came down and a judge found the act to be unconstitutional. Then Chief Justice Roberts did this: "Chief Justice John Roberts changed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate into a tax and thus rescued President Obama’s signature legislation.". Sold and passed into law as a Mandate and then magically transformed by one man into a tax. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts seems to be averse to confrontation and conflict resulting from court rulings and so he tends to make rulings accordingly. In this instance anyway.

3. Then Mr. Obama made DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) "legal" through an executive order even though he previously admitted that he had no Constitutional legal right to do so.

And the effects of Mr. Obama's un and extra Constitutional acts in combination with the current Democrat president's un and extra Constitutional acts?

The ushering into the country of millions of young, healthy, high testosterone, ambitious military aged men and institutional bias against women and children. And the growing insecurity and safety concerns for women and children in sports, in public bathrooms and on the streets of the nation. Are you beginning to see where this is all going?

The destruction of race relations within America compliments of former president Obama:

4. So, has former president Barak Hussein Obama and the now fully radical and extra-legal Democrat ignore the intent of the Constitution party been successful in their long-term attempt to "Fundamentally Transform America"? I would have to say yes, yes, he and they have been very successful. And they continue to be successful.

Where are the true Feminist and child protective services activists on these issues that in real terms threaten the health, safety and lives of women and children? Where are the American civil rights activist leaders as the country is flooded with millions of illegals that threaten to take the jobs, living accommodations and social services from "Their" people? All three issues are revealed to be fraudulent political bait and switch tools of manipulation and are of no true concern for those leaders.

Fundamental transformation is a costly endeavor on many levels. What will be the true cost to you? And do you think it is worth it? There really are two conversations ongoing, take note: WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

Obama's transformational accomplishments: Promoting insecurity and bias against women, Rape, Murder, Looting, Chaos, Racism and the Fundamental Transformation of America by flooding it with illegal immigrants. Not to mention the home-grown versions of the same. Well, done!

When will it be enough change for you ladies of America? Political party association aside. A country whose government is willing to sacrifice their women's and children's safety, security and lives for political gain and control has no place in America or the world for that matter. But that is politics.

You are a one issue voter lady? You know the issue. I think you had better expand your vote specification requirements because these fundamental transformational changes are long term, and these threats will only continue to grow and not in your favor if they are not competently and rationally dealt with.

Are you paying attention yet America?  JGL 2/25/24     

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