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I believe that Ronald Reagans illegal immigrant amnesty was his political hat tip to his RINO Republican corporate operators / contributors who were $eeking cheap labor.

However, today at this level of organized radical governmental / Globalist / Sorosian invasion of America the purpose of our Democrat dominated government is clearly focused on planting the seeds of the usurping of a "White" male dominated American population. You know, civilization as you know it. Both short and long term.

You know, the "White" male patriarchy that has brought peace, prosperity, civilization and freedom to the most people on the planet in the last 10,000 years. Not always pretty, but that has been the long-term real-world result. The Founders of America, white males all, broke the ancient 10,000-year-old patriarchy model where absolute power and control was exercised over every living soul on planet earth through Subjective brutality, starvation and extreme violence.

The white male Founders of America having lived their lives under this ancient patriarchy model through the power of their intellects and personal experiences living under the thumb of a power abusive confiscatory Monarchal Patriarchy chose to break that ancient patriarchy model. And they replaced it with the "NEW" and improved "Patriarchy" model based in the exact opposite abuse of power model. These rebel thinkers, the true PROGRESSIVES of their day and today chose a model of governance based in Objective law and justice, personal freedom and property rights. THE PATRIARCHY IS DEAD! LONG LIVE THE PATRIARCHY!

Today however the radical Democrats / Globalists / Sorosian (lower case) fraudulent "progressives" seek to replace "The Patriarchy" with.........................................................?

And now we are down the Subjective abuse of power, do as you are told rabbit hole.

The only answer to that question from the radical Democrat perspective is Subjective authoritarian control over all Americans and ultimately all human beings. Radical Democrats MUST have absolute adherence to their Subjective model of governance. There is no other way. And this oddly enough is clearly one of the negative results of the Feminist movement in the world.

The Feminist movement has come full circle in destroying the patriarchy which has been oppressing them. They have come full circle around to embracing a "NEW" radical "progressive" patriarchy where they will once again be oppressed. It is so hard being a woman, especially today.

And my final point to those still confused Democrats who do not know what the hell to do this election day as Joe Biden highjacks the Democrat party over the interests of the country and refuses to step down, consider this truth.

A vote for Joe, and it appears that the Bidens as a crew need to stay in control of power is essential at all costs. Voting for Joe is a real-world vote and endorsement for a President Kamala Harris. Joe is not going to make it in the presidency to 2028. He will be lucky to make it to November, election day 2024.

And to be sure based on the Joe Biden presidency, the Democrats only need the facade of a president, their agenda comes not from leadership but from their Leftist BORG like brain trust behind the scenes. No personal philosophy, agenda, patriotism or brain power necessary.

As an example: France as of late through desperate Leftist political manipulation has literally gone Communist. And the same for Britian. Both countries have had their borders invaded by forced immigration from the East and are now dominated by radical Islamic invaders. The fourth Crusades, Crusades redux.

The radical Left in America apparently seeks to "Destroy the "WHITE" Patriarchy" which includes the Judeo / Christian ethics that form the foundation of morality, law and justice, modernity and civilization to replace it with a Calafate? Because that is what it looks like to me.

Calafate: The rule or reign of a caliph or chief Muslim ruler:

That in the end is what the "Destroy the Patriarchy" will be replaced with in time, which is just another Patriarchy. Make sense to you? Not me.

And given the truth and validity of my observations what would the first agenda be when the Calafate is fully installed? Isolate and or eliminate the following: The Jews, the Gays, the Trans, the anyone who is offensive to or refuses the new Patriarchy. Nazism Nevue in other words.

There is only one hope, one path for a free, prosperous and relatively peaceful world in my estimation remaining. And that path does not lie in empowering the Joe and Kamala "Destroy the Patriarchy" radical Leftist Democrat agenda.

So, Joe and Kammy, and all of the radical Democrats you continue on with your political charade and continue to seek to retain your political power for the many perverted reasons that you need to retain it.

But rational Americans if they are able to have a somewhat fair and legal election, and the Democrats are heavily invested in the opposite, will or should prevail. So, you aspirational radical Democrats, you keep on your path of absolute domination. Should work out well for you.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/10/24

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