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Updated: Jun 18

Several years ago, I watched a documentary called: "Seattle Is Dying". And this was just before the exit of the Marxist / Communist, Democrat Socialist master of disaster mayor of New York City, "Big Bird", Bill DeBlasio. A disgraceful human being and a disgraceful American. And of course, the subsequent election of the Democrat party tool who lives in fear of his Leftist superiors, the self-proclaimed "Black Bad Boy of Politics", "good friend" of Sean P. Diddy Combs, Eric Adams.

And I realized at that time what was ongoing in the Socialist "utopia" of, Seattle Washington was coming to New York City very soon. All of the indicators were there, the stench of old, rotten Socialist talking points and childish ideas was strong in the air.

Seattle Is Dying: 1 hr. Watch 10 minutes of this and you will watch the rest when you realize what I realized. The parallels between the chaos and the outright forced disrespect for the people of Seattle as well as New York City are frightening. A sure sign of political ideological mental illness.

And what do you know, exactly what I identified then that was without doubt coming to New York City has certainly arrived. The "progressive" Democrats who desperately want "Change" was without doubt delivered with the radical Democrat party's overwhelming domination of the New York City Council. You want "Change"? Well, you have got it and then some because that is what most of the inhabitants of New York City in the lower and middle class now have in their pockets, change!

The "progressive" Democrat has a funny way of defining freedom in America. They believe that allowing people who are drug addled and living stoned, dirty and filthy and crapping on the streets and are a direct threat to all others as well as themselves is their definition of freedom. These people desperately need to be interacted with by law enforcement because they are out of control, and they are on a certain death spiral and live without hope. The Democrat politicos complete and utter fiduciary failure and surrender of their politically empowered sworn responsibility to ALL the public. Surrendered to a political ideology in pursuit of their own perverted political party self-interests in pursuit of perpetual control of political power. A deadly combination for any society.

The aspirational Democrat "progressives" have disarmed and made more dangerous the job of the police; they supply drug addicts with the paraphernalia to keep themselves high and out of any chance of drying out and making a recovery. They promote and perpetuate a sustained crime wave of looting, burglaries, illegal guns, gangs running the streets and the accompanying shootings and deaths that follow.

This condition is directly associated with the radical Democrats definition of freedom. And that is disgraceful because they have no concept of what America is about and what true freedom entails. They are as I have stated authoritarian Socialists at the minimum and Communists at the maximum and they believe that their authoritarian rule is justified in America and the world. Their firmly held ideological beliefs are childish, simplistic and extremely dangerous for all involved.

In order to keep this observation on the shorter side I will simply ask this question: How many millions of people are flooding the borders of either Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, North Korea, Cuba or CCP China? That of course is a rhetorical question because that will never be a concern of any of those authoritarian countries. It is however now a massive concern of America for the obvious reasons.

And that counter intuitively is what Democrats are attempting to create right here in America right before your American eyeballs. Now does any of that make sense to you? I did not think so.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/17/24

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