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Poster: "Sewerlidd" tells everyone why D.J. Trump IMO will more than likely become the 47th president of the United States of America.

"SEWERLIDD" speaks about the cost of groceries at Walmart for his particular order of 45 items:

2022: His Walmart grocery order for the month: $126.67 for 45 items.

2024: The same 45 item Walmart order in 2024?

$414.39 for the same 45 items.

That is a 326 PERCENT increase in the cost for his groceries for the same 45 items in the same month just 2 years later. Hummmm, what has created the vast difference in the cost of groceries over those two years? What would the next four years bring if this agenda continues?

This may be an extreme example, but I am certain that you fully understand the point based on your own grocery store experiences.

And that, if all things are equal and the 2024 presidential election is even somewhat fair and without issues (good luck on that) is really why the government of America at the executive level will be changing. It must change.

Any mother in America feeding her family cannot allow this situation to continue. This cannot be sustained. And to be sure this condition at least in a majority part is due to the Democrat party Globalist agenda desire to make all things so expensive that human beings in America in particular will collectively decrease "Our Carbon Footprint". The Democrat party Globalist "Green" agenda religion is what is primarily driving this entire unnecessary situation.

This basic survival fact is really the major calculous in 2024, or it should be. And this condition has been fabricated by a government that believes that money is free, and they control the spigot and there are no consequences to their Globalist Socialist efforts. And all the evidence indicates the exact opposite.

From promoting lawlessness, to importing millions of illegals into the country for their political manipulation purposes, to forcing the irrational, injurious and moralistic "Green New Deal" on America and the world, these Democrats in control right now are a direct and existential threat to you and your family.

The numbers do not lie.

Food, the ultimate mode of political control and manipulation.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/6/24

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