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This is short and to the point, sometimes that is what makes the most difference.

Germany just realized they have a problem:

The West has invited the enemy within, it is the nature of the Liberal Democracy to do such things because the intellectuals among them reimagine how reality SHOULD WORK. This is the reality of the Globalist theory of how things should be, this is the New World Order. And the only result can be authoritarian forced behavior, chaos and darkness.

Weakness begets weakness.

Silly, weak, delusional Liberal ("progressive" Democrats in America) humans causing the problems and by extension violence, death and become an existential threat to civil society.

The radical Islamist: “The West is a woman to be mounted”.

Shake oil and water as hard as you can but in the end, you wind up with oil and water. And that is the real reality.

Let water be water and oil be oil.

PS: "House Democrats on Wednesday night voted unanimously to give illegal aliens – including Joe Biden’s 11 million illegal border crossers – representation in Congress and the Electoral College."

And that is what all of the insanity is all about.

Plain and simple.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/9/24

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