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(Before you begin, this is not in any way a screed against any gay, trans or differently oriented human beings, not at all. I believe in Mutual Respect for all. Mutual Respect sweatshirt | CIFARM ( Mutual Respect, but not when you are being lied to, manipulated or deceived.

The culture of lies and deception that exists and is necessary in politics however is something that people must drag themselves to understand. The Constitution as I have stated previously structures a system that in some way shape or form forces those politically empowered within government to reveal themselves and to deliver some measure of truth to the people. That is one of the keys to the Constitutions power. And the politically empowered among us despise that by design potential.)

If you have the time to go over this information you may find it enlightening.

Is this what Obama really meant by "Transforming America"? (And the world?). Has the equivalent of the Hollywood gay mafia via copious amounts of money and political correctness philosophy, influence in the media and the "progressive" agenda taken over American and international politics?

Not that there is anything is wrong with that. But if that is so then why all of the charades, dishonesty and lying? Oh, I forgot my point above, we are talking about politics.

Do we really understand just how faux and constructed the leadership in the world, gay, trans or straight actually is? The strangest and most outrageous stories and rumors many times turn out to be so.

I find this guy Zach from the Wolves Of Finance Youtube channel to be an interesting producer and analyst of a broad spectrum of issues in the news. I do not quite agree with every one of his observations, but he makes some very valid observations and points. He makes points about honesty, dishonesty, morality, lying, coincidence, identities, documentation, semantics, endocrine disrupters, climate change, and even a precognitive connection to the iconic movie the Matrix and 911? Who exactly is in control of Hollywood and the choices and messages it pumps out into the world?

The brothers who wrote and directed the culturally iconic and symbolic movie the Matrix become sisters? : wachowski-brothers-of-matrix-fame-now-the-wachowski-sisters (

Wolves Of Finance seems to Debunk (?) a lot of these Conspiracies (?) and convenient Coincidences (?). You tell me.

*Wolves Of Finance: Marcone's wife a man? Might not be so outrageous an assertion?:

*Wolves Of Finance: Will Michelle Obama be the next Democrat party candidate in the 2024 presidential race? Will all of the frogs in America become female so that the entire frog population becomes less male dominated and therefore more peaceful and compliant?

Government would never force anyone to be exposed to or have an experimental drug be ingested or injected into their body, right?

*Wolves Of Finance: Obama's birth certificate is fake", the evidence seems pretty clear to me:

Barak Hussein Obama himself in his early literary promotional material clearly states that he was born in Kenya. I have to assume that a new writer would be very involved in their first literary promotional material, you know, to make sure everything was accurate and as it should be. This "born in Kenya" issue was explained as being a "mistake". Lots and lots of mistakes, coincidences and unfortunate misinterpretations on your part regarding those in politics and power. It is you, not them.

Is there a theme and a conclusion here that you see but because of political correctness are not allowed to see? All of these theories and conspiracies about those who today have found themselves at the heights of world political power and control seem to be generationally and politically very much related. Related and connected both in their Leftist authoritarian policies and their personal life choices. Protected, guided and installed in their positions by the "Deep State"? Sometimes no matter how insane things seem they turn out to be so. All potentials exist in politics. Many of them are controlled entities with lots to hide IMO. (See: Jeffery Epstein.)

Deep State: "According to an American political conspiracy theory, the deep state is a clandestine network of members of the federal government (especially within the FBI and CIA), working in conjunction with high-level financial and industrial entities and leaders, to exercise power alongside or within the elected United States government.".

The takeover of the country and by extension the world I would have to say began in earnest with the installation of Barak Hussein Obama (D) as president by the powers that be within and without government. And that extreme agenda is being furthered by the Joe Biden administration (D).

Obama's actual origine of birth precluded him from being president from what the drilled down on evidence seems to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. In my opinion anyway. His birthplace was not to be questioned, and if you dared to do so you were labeled a racist. That is directly from the Democrat / "Deep State" / New World Order play book of power, manipulation and control. The Founders made your place of birth and familial allegiance to the country as founded essential in becoming president for the obvious reasons.

(Note: Although I did not vote for Barak Hussein Obama in either of his elections because I did my due diligence and I determined that he was what I describe as a philosophically trained Marxist. The Bush's and the Clintons not much better? And Marxism is counter intuitive to the existence of America and Capitalism. But there was a part of me that was happy that an American that was considered a black American could be elected president. I was happy, but I did not like it because I knew he and those who surrounded him would do things that would seek to at least wound or worse make the entire Constitution moot as it relates to its intended purpose if they could. A Marxist must destroy Democracy and Capitalism and replace it with authoritarian rule through force. That is what they are trained to do.

We are all witness to when you allow the enemy within you get exactly what you see today going on in America: confusion, chaos, division, racism, hatred and ignorance through propaganda in the schools and the media that they dominate as the Leftists and the Marxists seek their control over America and by extension the world. What is their stated preferred form of governance? The CCP Chinese form of governance. By their own words and statements.

"Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has heaped praise on China's brutal dictatorship. Schwab described the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a "role model for many countries" The WEF hosts an annual conference in Davos, Switzerland where it trains world leaders on ushering in the organization's globalist agenda."

If the Founders sought to ultimately create a One World Government / New World Order dominated by the principals that they so carefully deveined from the study of history and their own real-life real-world experiences in tyranny and the pursuit of some great degree of true freedom and respect for Americans and people in general. That aspiration over time has been highjacked and perverted by those who the Founders understood would do exactly that. And that is the nature of all government.

What the Founders structured, an Objective form of Governance, Law and Justice, focused on Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech and The Emancipation of the People from oppression from The Government!

(Emancipation: "To free from restraint, control, or the power of another" (The "Other" in this example is in fact the oppressive nature of GOVERNMENT! )

Remember, it is always a "Conspiracy" until it turns out to be the truth.

Franklyn D. Roosevelt: "In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way".

Which "conspiracies" are true? Which "conspiracies" are just oppositional disinformation?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/12/24

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