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During World War 2 the British people desperately needed real, strong, competent, patriotic leadership. And they found that real, strong, competent, patriotic leadership in the form of Winston Churchill. And after Winston Churchill did his thing and took care of business and saved his country from the clutches of the Nazi war machine, the British people uncerimoniuously rejected and ejected him from office.

And that is the nature of such things.

Sometimes you need a competent badassed, savey, highly focused patriot that specialisez in what you need done to take care of business. No confusion no half measures. And after they "do their thing" and save their / your country from the clutches of the Nazi's, the Socialists, the Communists, the "Progressives", the Globalists, whom ever. They typically do their thing and then they are dismissed. Their intensity and clarity of purpose becomes too much for most to continue to endure.

And now the Aregntinians have apparently chosen out of their desperation for real patriotic change to save their country one of these Badasses. And it remains to be seen where he is able to sheppard his country. I know nothing more about this new political leader of Argentina other than what is revealed in this article. Sounds like an interesting person :)

We wait to see if he can indeed "Take Care Of Business". But right off the bat he appears to be a Badass. Desperate times require desperate measures.

My point? America is now at one of these forks in the road where the current politically empowered administration has enthusiastically diminished and continued to drive our country as far Left and has apeased and empowered as many direct enemies of our country as they possibly can. They reek of weakness!

All in the self interested pursuit of permenant political domination. The ambitious now radical Left with the enthusiastic support of the also now perverted media has weaponized law enforcement and they have perverted our court system in efforts to remain in political power in perpetuitiy. I hope you can see it, it is Stalinesque!

And so what Badass will the American people choose in the coming 2024 presidential election to "Take Care" of their business?

Who fits the bill America? Joe Biden? Gavin Newsome? Kamala Harris? Michelle Obama? Niki Haley? Ron Desantis? Chris Christy? Joe Manchin? Oprah?

Because these appear to be the people that the media and the political powers that be who seek permenant political empowerment are suggesting are your only choices. Which one among them is your "Badass" of choice?

You want and desperately need the next American president to Take Care Of Business and to be that type of competent person that can get things done in a different way because the way things are and have been going is no longer tolerable or acceptable. We as Americans have been driven to an existential desperate point. And you do not have to personally like your choice, this is not a beauty contest.

You may not be paying as close attention because you are busy working two jobs, paying your mortgage and supporting your family. How is that going for you?

And after whom ever the American people select to take care of their business and they have done your dirty work for you and saved your country, you want to reject and eject them? Go right ahead, do so.

I know, these kind of highly focused and competent badassed people scare the hell out of you.

But just make sure that they are a Badass that takes care of your business America. No confusion, no half measures, please. Who could that person be???????

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 11/19/23

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