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Have you not been paying attention? If not let me share with you that it has become plain to me, and I hope after reading this to you too, the everyday American Democrats and or Republicans are being duped. The government and those in power in the form of the now radical "progressive" Democrat party in power today in government and in control of law enforcement leadership and those who are aligned with them, are they the greatest threat to the homeland, your freedom, your family and your security? (They need us all divided.)

How do we come to understand this? The political powers that be in control of government today have:

1. The Democrat party machine has set wide open our borders as per a globalist plan and have purposefully created the conditions for an invasion of illegal aliens and are forcing you the American taxpayer to pay for their housing, food, healthcare, education and healthcare. All without ANY health or security vetting involved. And the numbers are north of 7 million to date and growing every day. They have in effect enslaved you Republicans and Democrats alike without your permission while they disassemble your country and attempt to recast it in an authoritarian do as they say country. All while they tell you that it is you and your being racist or being "white supremacists" and not them. And they confidently officially tell you that the border is closed, but you know it is not. Bait and switch. (PS: Its them, not you, trust none of them in either party).

2. The Democrat party machine is using the law and justice system in a heavily biased subjective manner in order to persecute the number one opposition candidate to them retaining political power. Exactly like Mao, Stalin and Hitler did during their domination of their countries. How did that work out?

(And when I say the radical Democrat party, that does not mean YOU the everyday American individual. You and your political party has been highjacked and you feel obligated to knee jerk support them. And you must begin to make the distinction between the two and reject your own political party. That is the conclusion that you must come to IMO, this is all up to you now)

3. The now radical Democrat party is actively protecting their facade president as hard evidence mounts higher and higher establishing that he and his son and other family members were involved in a shakedown quid pro quo operation for access to American political power and favorable policy decisions and protection from prosecution. And the evidence apparently includes tens of millions possibly north of $50 million dollars (?) funneled to as many as 20 LLC companies in order to avoid detection from American authorities. In the interests of the Chinese / CCP, the Russians, Ukraine and several other countries and the president and his family members. This is no longer speculation.

Cultural revolution survivalist compares Trump’s arrest to Communist China:

GP: “The U.S. intelligence community has determined that domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat we face in the homeland,” Biden said without providing any data or evidence whatsoever."

To me the now radical Democrat party continuing in power and their agenda being furthered and fulfilled is the greatest threat to the country.

"This is the same intelligence community that lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop being a Russian disinfo campaign."

Are you a white, black, Jewish, Hispanic whatever every day American Democrat? Do you recognize that your current government that you voted for and supported is in the process of destroying your country and your and your family's freedoms based purely on political party line agendas and interests? Are you trying to figure out who and what party you will support in the coming presidential election? And you are strongly considering NOT supporting the further destruction of your country and your and your family's freedoms that the now radical Democrat party is attempting to jam down your throat?

Well then, no matter what, you are a "White Supremacist". And you are according to the radical Democrat party if you do not support them are a "danger to Democracy". If you are seriously considering NOT supporting them then you are their enemy and will have to be dealt with.

What will you do?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/29/23

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