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Money, politics and the aspiration to success and power make some people do some raw naked irrational things.

Remember this? The Rock endorses Joe and Kammy in 2019:

Is that not the cringiest, most scripted, most phony, uncomfortable political endorsement that you have ever seen and heard? Was for me, I understood the Rock to be an anti-Hillary (D) more Conservative Republican individual.

Was the Rock just doing what he had to do $o that he could move ahead in Hollywood? Paying a debt or fulfilling an expectation or contractual requirement? Prostrating and humiliating himself before his masters in Hollywood and in CCP China?

And then we have this: John Cena at the Oscars: Was John Cena really naked during Oscars 2024 skit? (

WHY do this at the Oscars? An act related to promoting a part? Or is it just one more rite of passage and required humiliation on the ladder to success and power? Apex physically imposing and powerful men being manipulated and made to bow as lesser "politically correct" men, women and political infiltrators of America direct and dominate them for all to see? 

I remember not long-ago John Cena profusely apologizing IN MANDARIN to his Hollywood / CCP Chinese masters when he accidently recognized Taiwan as an Independant country. Uh Oh!!! Now that was pathetic and ugly. I guess his apology in MANDARIN went a long way to smoothing over his faux pas.

John Cena apologizing and prostrating himself before his Hollywood / CCP Chinese masters, IN MANDARIN!:

The Rock and John Cena, two famous, masculine, Alpha(?) wrestling WWE personalities transitioning to acting appear to be bowing to their masters in a CCP Chinese / Hollywood pod?

PS: I was selling some of the Rock's products in my business, that ended the day after I witnessed his move in endorsing people who to the best of my knowledge were not an honest representation of what his stated political ideology beliefs were. Sold it all at a loss.

And so, the only conclusion that one could come to is that the Rock and John Cena, Alpha(?) males are bought a paid for and controlled by those who seek the "Fundamental Transformation" of your country? What does it look like to you? Or is it just the facade Hollywood business model that they must play to in order to advance?

These events eliminate either of these men from my support in any political aspirations either of them might have. The Rock for president in the future? Maybe that was a potential at some point, but not now as far as I am concerned. The Rock was a Golden Boy.

But then the Potemkin facade was pierced, and you got a good look inside.

Neither man can be trusted IMO in a way that such men might seek to be trusted. It appears that they would both sell out to the highest bidder in a minute. $ome things just are what they are. Or maybe it's just me?

What do you think?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/11/24

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