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Now where have I heard of this tactic by radical Left Socialists / Communists who seek to further acquire, retain and cement their political power in place? Sound familiar?

Hmmmmm, let me think, by the evidence.

Gateway P: "Brazil — In a fresh blow to Brazil’s sole conservative candidate, the Superior Electoral Court imposed a new penalty of ineligibility on former conservative president Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday, October 31. The majority of justices accused Bolsonaro of political power abuse by using the official celebrations of Brazil’s Bicentennial of Independence on September 7, 2022, for electoral purposes."

Controlling who and what the people are allowed to vote for is essential!

Was this how Chairman Mao ensured his political power? Nah, he just killed whoever stood in his way. 45 to 65 million Chinese were worked, beaten, and starved to death or he just had them shot, he had absolute power. And remember the first thing he accomplished? HE CONFISCATED ALL FIREARMS FROM THE PEOPLE. There was no Second Amendment in Communist China and that is for a very good reason regarding political power and control. Things can get dicey if the people can shoot back and defend themselves and their freedom.

Was this how Comrade Stalin took care of his political opponents? Yeah, this is exactly how Comrade Stalin took care of business, he starved to death the people he did not prefer AND he made his political opposition into criminals and had them arrested and shot. "Show me the man and I will find you the crime" was the rule of the day in Stalinist Communist Russia. Very effective strategy in the absolute securing of authoritarian political power.

And what is it we see ongoing right now in America being executed by the now radical Leftist controlled Democrat party machine administration and their corporate media handmaidens and the RINO's in our own government against the leading opposition candidate? Just like what you see Jaire Bolsonaro in Venezuela going through. Make him a criminal and deny him the right to run for office and political power.

*We see the exact same political power retention and control strategy as both Chairman Mao and Comrade Stalin being executed in America. Criminalize your opponent, call anything that they do or say as being "An existential threat to Democracy" and then have them legally made ineligible to run for office. Personal likes and dislikes aside.

*And we see a hard ongoing push to make moot the Constitution and what it intends and the Second Amendment and promoting of the confiscation of any firearms in the hands of the Pedestrian Realm citizen. Why did the Founders understand that the people need to be armed? History and human nature demand that free people be armed and not just government and those who become politically empowered. The people shale be armed in order to take back their freedom at the point that their government becomes tyrannical and abuses its power. Not if, but when. And that is not just a suggestion, that is an absolute statement by the founders.

Whether it be a King or a Congress the nature of power is that it will be abused, and government will enslave the people and steal their freedom. Have no doubt.

This is the nature of the political beast, especially the radical Leftist I.E. Communist political beast throughout history and within America today.

From the stove you are allowed to buy, to the car you must buy, to what you are allowed to see, say, hear and think you can see right now and today what those in government (D) have in store for you.

Only you can stop it, and I am of course assuming that you believe that this needs to be stopped. Or am I incorrect?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 11/1/23

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Nov 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

,,,if we can keep it.

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