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We are all being forced to face the facts that there is an organized political movement in America based in a simplistic even childish ideology who believe that the Socialist model based in Marxist philosophy I.E. Communism is preferable to the Constitutional / Democracy / Capitalism model.

If their "progressive" proposal was valid then why are none of them able to rationally and competently answer these 4 simple questions proposed here in this short video?

4 questions Marxists can't answer: 3 min. 45 sec.

  1. Why do Socialist and Communist country's build walls to keep people in?

  2. Why does Capitalist America have to build walls to keep people out?

  3. Why no migrant caravans going from America to South America / Venezauela?

  4. Why are you unlikely to wash a rental car?   Progress: Def: Forward or onward movement toward a destination.

Onward movement to what? How do you define progress? What is the end result of the "progressive" effort in politics? By necessity as proven by the historical death and misery count regarding such Subjective political structures there must be authoritarian power and force used to attain their goals. There is no other way.

What do these simple self-evident questions reveal about human nature? People will always move to where they can be free, be prosperous and can build a good life.

And that is exactly opposite of what the "Progressive" / Democrat Machine agenda proposes. So where is the progress? The evidence, the history and the logic are as clear as clear can be.

And that is why the Socialist, the Marxist, the Communist, THE DEMOCRAT MACHINE must indoctrinate the young, ideological and the naive. Because the young, ideological and the naive do not know any better, they are idealistic, moralistic blank slates.

The Socialist, the Marxist, the Communist, THE DEMOCRAT MACHINE must teach what to think, not how to think. And it will be accomplished through force of thought and action. It is the only way.

And what they propose is the antithesis of living a free and having a prosperous life.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/4/24

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