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This morning while waiting for my breakfast outside my local diner I noticed this sticker posted below on a US Postal Service storage box.

And as I read the sticker, I thought its logic was counter intuitive and incorrect. Which from what I have observed over the years is that the radical Left political movement in our country and the world is only one sided and their logic is weak at the minimum. And suicidal at the maximum.

The sticker proposes that all "Zionist Donors and Trustees" who pay for the very universities to exist through their association and patronage "Hands Off" "THEIR" universities? The student is the master at universities today?

Q: At what point did these now radical universities become "Their" universities and "Their" possessions? Many universities today may most all be radical now, but they still are not THEIRS.

So, to me the proposed radical logic of the sticker would follow that those who historically pay for the classrooms, laboratories, professors, buildings, billions in legacy endowments which is a significant percentage should philosophically have no say in what and where their own money is to be spent. Spent on and what is philosophically taught in the universities that they themselves voluntarily choose to support. How exactly does that work?

Now that is what a Jew would call hutzpah!

(Hutzpah: def: Extreme self-confidence or audacity.)

The Liberal, the radical Leftist, the "progressive", the Globalist, the Democrat party machine operative member, the un and anti-American enemies within America believe that the people who they oppose should self-suicide so that they can dominate. Give us your money I.E. resources and just go away. Permanently!

Now I do not know about you, but I do not and will not ever agree to such a proposal because it is irrational. And if there is one thing that some in America and the world who support such movements and thinking believe is that their irrational un and anti-American thought process and Socialist authoritarian world model be adhered to absolutely.


THE CURE FOR ALL "ISMS" ( ("CAVEAT: Which does not mean that you are required to love anyone or tolerate their particular biases, Subjective perversions and insanities. You give respect and you also expect respect, which creates MUTUAL RESPECT. It is a choice. Whatever biases and perversions are bouncing around in someone's / your brain over and above your interactions with others is their / your problem. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF! ")

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/16/24

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4 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

On USPS property? Hmmm...something tells me that's a no-no.

Replying to

The federal government right now has demonstrated that they are complicit with much of this irrational un and anti American logic. So, no problem here.

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