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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Gateway: "The Taliban Asks Iran for Passage Across Country to Assist Hamas in Annihilation of Israel – After Joe Biden Armed Taliban with $80 Billion in US Weapons and Supplies"

Do you remember those not so many months ago when President Joe Biden via his radical Leftist anti-Israel / anti America handlers in the White House ordered all of American military forces and civilians out of Afghanistan?

The same radical internal White House handlers that have left wide open the Southern border of America and are issuing in millions of illegal immigrants and who knows who and what else. The same radical "progressive" Democrat handlers who need law enforcement to be impotent and the justice and court system to ignore chronic criminals and their looting, shoplifting, carjacking, drive by shootings, drug dealing and violent crimes.

(This sounds to me like an internal Trojan Horse operation by treasonous radicals within America and its controlling administration government (D) that seek to "Fundamentally Change" America, no? Where have I heard that term before? You know, change America by subverting everything that makes it strong.)

You remember, Joe ordered the military out of Afghanistan first and left most of the cooperating civilians behind to be hunted down and killed. Or fall from planes to their death in their desperation to flee the country. And you might also remember when Joe and his radical handlers also got 13 soldiers unnecessarily killed in a suicide bombing during the chaos when an American sniper was denied permission to take the known in his scope's cross hair sight bomber out. PERMISSION DENIED!

And you might also remember that Joe and his radical handlers abandoned all of those 600K small arms, grenade launchers, tanks, attack helicopters, planes, tactical electronics and computer systems etc. etc. to the tune of $80 or so BILLION dollars in the hands of the Taliban. Making the Taliban some of the best supplied military forces and arms dealers in the world. Joe and his handlers did that, and it was not by mistake.

And let's not forget that fact that Joe and his radical anti-American (D) handlers inside the White House abandoned that new, shiny and fully equipped and operational military air base that was only 400 miles from the CCP Chinese border. You know, the same CCP China that states they seek to displace America and dominate the world. The CCP Chinese did not like that air base very much being where it was, made them feel uncomfortable, didn't sleep well, screwed their plans. Part of Joes CCP Chinese pre-arranged by his handlers' and Hunter Biden negotiated obligations? Why the forced rush? Just delivering the pre-arranged deliverables?

NOW does Afghanistan make sense to you?

One strategic opportunity leads to another, and none of this is by mistake.

What was left behind in Afghanistan?

This is what some in America might call "Equity", I call it treason. And whether you agree or disagree with whatever military actions that America instigates or becomes involved in you NEVER empower those who oppose you. Not unless you are attempting to take your own country down that is.

Where does justification for extreme political action come from? MY POLITICAL LENS: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

The radical Left Democrats and RINO's within America and within the White House are a direct threat to the further existence of your country. None of what does not make common sense to you is by mistake. It is by design, delivering a disarmed and impotent America to the Globalist One World agenda. That is what is apparent to me anyway.

You may despise the Republican party proper; I totally understand I do too. But what the now radical anti-American Democrat party that is currently in control of much of your government has turned into is a direct threat to you, your family and your country and it is no longer justifiable to support them and it. What will you do?

Are you paying attention yet America!? JGL 10/7/23

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Oct 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Well said.

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