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Updated: May 2

All truly open societies have a few issues, and here we clearly find one of those issues in the teachings and comments allowed to be made by a self-admitted Islamic Anarchist. Teaching and indoctrinating and radicalizing within the now fully radicalized Leftist dominated Ivey league schools around the country.

And the First Amendment to the Constitution allows such un and anti-American ideologies to exist, but there is a line. THERE IS A LINE, AND WE HAVE CROSSED IT (

Comments from Dr. Mahamad Abdu, radical, Islamist Anarchist and indoctrinator teaches at Columbia University: 2 min. 45 sec.

It is always the same old BS narrative. "America was founded on white supremacy, slavery and colonization". That is the "progressive" "moralistic" argument that is the go-to intellectual entre into the minds of the young, the idealistic and the half educated. The lame, dishonest radical Left always cherry picks the nuggets from history that serve them best. They have nothing else.

All protests on American college campuses today are just a quasi-military extension of the brutal, murderous and sadistic October 7th declaration of war on Israel. The call for a ceasefire came the very next day after the Oct. 7th attack by the radical Leftists in America (D). Warfare strategy, nothing more, nothing less.

America and every civilization, and I mean every civilization on planet earth, including every single civilization and theocracy in the middle east and anywhere else are all colonizers and they are occupiers and are all former and or current slavers.

And these Leftist middle eastern radicals are the murderers of ANYONE who dares to stand in the way of THEIR ideology and THEIR occupation of the land that they are situated upon or aspire to be situated upon.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM FOR 10 THOUSAND YEARS! So, this Occupier / Colonizer / Slaver argument is just a lame moralistic psychological Marxist / Communist tool of manipulation, propaganda and a strategic warfare move. Plain and simple.

The enemy is within and we ourselves and our Classically Liberal and Objective Constitutionally based form of governance, law and justice have invited them.

Point out one civilization, Theocracy or Democracy anywhere in history that was not at some point an Occupier or a Colonizer or a slaver in some way shape or form. Name one. This entire "Colonizer / Occupiers / Slaver" argument is a false political Western / Liberal / legal logic propaganda vehicle used by the radical Left in order to sew racial hatred, fear, chaos and their NAZI like revolution.

And why is a revolution necessary?


From the minority population, Hispanic and Black, to the Native American, to the self-hating Jew, to the self-hating American, to the sexually and gender confused, to the self-hating guilt ridden "moralistic" among us. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION.

What is the solution? The Objective concepts and structure of the Constitution and the bright light of some degree, some measure of truth being revealed over time delivered to the people so that they can direct THEIR country.

This is also a part of the solution:

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/30/24

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