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This is quick and everyone should be able to understand this fundamental problem in America today.

Police officer, Johnathan Diller, murdered by a career criminal, recently arrested with a long arrest record and an illegal gun by radical Sorosian installed district attorney Alvin Bragg, and released (primarily based on skin color).

The officer's family as I understand it has invited former president Trump to attend the wake of the murdered New York City police officer. A murdered NYC police officer who leaves behind a young wife and one year old son.

The family insists as I understand it that no politician who supports the recent no bail no jail "progressive" (D) politically driven transformational law and justice agenda NOT attend. And that is a very, very strong statement.

And we have the current president and two former presidents, all Democrats, showing up on the same day in Manhattan for a $25 million dollar photo op campaign opportunity. (Who would want a picture with Biden, Clinton and Obama? All three are the 'progressive" Democrat party figure heads and the engineers of the American decent into chaos and lawlessness. $5000.00 to $250,000.00 to attend. That boggles my mind. But we are talking about politics.

Do you see the fundamental problem here?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/28/24

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