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Fani Willis and Nathan Wade who are IMO toast and who must be removed from the Georgia "Good Soldier" strategic political prosecution of the leading Republican presidential candidate with extreme prejudice by the presiding judge.

Hubris thy name is anyone who assumes a Subjective partisan based superior political morality charge based on the dominant and clearly perverted and corrupt party politics of the day and acts upon it in a court room. In the long term anyway.

In the heat of the political battle some "Good Soldiers" do not survive no matter how committed to the cause they are.

I watched much of the State of Georgia / Fani Willis / Nathan Wade hearing and most of the subsequent Georgia State Senate hearing investigating the situation. And here this Youtuber, Doug in Exile, who is a Conservative partisan for sure gathers together the general evidence that may well IMO cause at least three Georgia lawyers to be disbarred? Possibly prosecuted for lying under oath to the court? This will not be pretty.

And they apparently all brought it upon themselves for the crime of being politically partisan "Good Soldiers" and doing what must be done for the cause and trying to get around the obvious truth of the matter. Right in the face of a sitting judge. GULP.

Ashleigh Merchant is the defense attorney for one of the 19 IMO unjustly indicted in Georgia on the ridiculous 2020 presidential election RICO charges. And it is she that has done the investigating and due diligence and has brought the heat and light of the surface of the sun on all of this judicial and prosecutorial treachery into the public light.

The Constitution structures two things: Objective not Subjective law and justice and over time forcing the politically empowered to reveal some great degree of truth to the public so that they can direct the course of their country. That is the theory anyway.

What do you think about this perverted and corrupt situation? Disagree with me? Tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/7/24

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