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Or are you beginning to see where this now is?

I made a point the other day about how the battle, the struggle, whether it is in politics or football was necessary, even essential in order to determine what was what, who won and who will dominate the agenda and lead. And that is where a true and healthy for all concerned result exists. The battle, the struggle and prevailing are the test and are analogous to the laws of nature and successfully moving positively and prosperously into the future.


"In our system that "physical" confrontation, that struggle in politics forces those politically empowered players to reveal in some great measure the truth to the public and the public in the end indicates who has played the game best, who won and who leads. And that is objectively where reason, fairness, freedom and prosperity for the individual exists."

And here we have a clarifying 40 second video clip of Sergey Brin, American billionaire business magnate best known for co-founding Google, talking with World Economic Forum founder, Klause Schwab:

Klause Schwab: "Digital technology has an analytical power, and then technology has a predictive power. Then the next step could be a prescriptive mode which means you do not need to have elections anymore because now you can predict, and you can know what the results will be".

I am not making any of this up people!

And to be honest Sergey Brin does not appear to be very happy hearing the inner workings of the Klause Schwab authoritarian dreams for the apparent world domination and control as he believes it should be.

Klause Schwabe is a big think Socialist Austrian. Sound familiar? And big tech is but a next level tool and opportunity to prove how Mr. Schwab and the several other big think Socialist Austrians and the many others embedded within history to prove just how correct they are about how you should eat, think, speak and do.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/14/23

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