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Now I am not going to comment too much here, I will let the Aussies reveal to everyone in America what is apparent to them what and is in fact underway. Sometimes you need the perspective of an outsider to tell you what is what.

Joe Biden: "The Trump MAGA Americans are a threat to Democracy, no I'm serious". OK, Joe.

There certainly is a threat to Democracy in America going right now, unfortunately it is coming directly from the top, from the president in office today and his administration and all of those who are politically empowered or appointed that surround him. And any soft go along to get along RINO Republican that supports his actions for that matter.

That is in fact the current and direct threat to Democracy, the Constitution and the country.

There is no excuse for these abuses of power, none whatsoever. And keeping that in mind we understand that the Constitution is specifically designed and written exactly for these kinds of actions by any and all political actors who cannot control their nature in the pursuit of absolute political power and control.

Politics *IS* the dirtiest filthiest most corrupt activity that human beings participate in.

Trust no politician and none of what they say, only trust their actions because that is where there is their truth. A government or politically empowered politician is not about truth. It / they are about governing and the control of power, and the two have nothing to do with the truth. And that is the truth.

Within the theory of the Constitution, it contains the means to force and ensure that the people be presented with some degree of truth so that they can ultimately direct THEIR country. And that fact makes the Constitution the enemy of the politically empowered and the government itself.

How does that work? I will go over it once again. The Constitution precedes the government and in fact structures the government. And the two exist in opposition to each other and are in fact deadly enemies.

* But I thought the government and the Constitution were essentially one in the same? Well, you have been laboring under a misconception for all of these years. They are not one in the same.

The only thing that can save the country by design no matter who or what political party inhabits the White House and becomes in control of much of the government is the Constitution and the parameters it structures that the government must operate within.

This current government administration and those who support it are attempting to break through and systematically destroy those parameters and barriers to the authoritarian abuse of power and install their Subjective authoritarian rule. It is their eternal nature, and they can do nothing other.

And that is exactly what our friends on Sky News in Australia are transmitting to the everyday American. And so, I ask again......................

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/29/23

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