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Swedes on both sides of the political aisle were pro open borders and openly welcomed people from very different cultures and religions into their country. The Swedes were and are a very compassionate, inclusive, tolerant and giving people, they literally live the Socialist mantra. Most of the Swedish politicians and leadership did anyway.

And what has apparently been the results? The big payoff for their population and previously homogeneous, peaceful culture?

And now they have rampant rapes of their women, looting, shoplifting, murder, executions, bombings, gun fights in the street, drug gangs, forced religious tolerance etc. etc. What kind of country or political party is willing to sacrifice their young women's safety, identity and future for their strategic political gain? This Socialist political agenda has created faceless women who live in fear to walk their formerly safe streets.

"For many years Sweden was one of the few European countries without a strong anti-immigration party. The generous asylum policy was supported by parties on both sides of the traditional left-right political divide."

Sound familiar America?

Immigration from other cultures and races into your country? Absolutely, but legal immigration and immigration and not through an open borders free for all policy. Legal immigration with vetting and a stated sworn allegiance to the new country that you are immigrating to. What we are all witness to around the world by a forced political agenda strategy is in essence an invasion for political purposes in order to benefit one political party.

What is the ultimate result of the literal application of the Socialist agenda? In the Longterm? Authoritarian political rule, chaos, social unrest, death, fear, destabilization and destruction.

Low standards is no standards and that is exactly what you get with these kinds of forced Socialist political "compassionate" "tolerant" agendas.

And then what becomes the solution to living in the resulting fear, crime and chaos? Build more jails, arrests, prosecutions, expulsions and long prison sentences. Consequences for actions taken.

You are a confused Democrat who now sees that there is a fundamental problem with your political party who is no longer acting in your American interests? You are a RINO? You are a "progressive" Socialist? Mirror time.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/2/23

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