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I am using this Youtuber, Professor Nez and what he has to say today as an indicator of what is going on in the souls of what I have to assess has to be much more than 50 percent of Americans.

Professor Nez: 100 thousand Americans show up for Wildwood N.J. Trump rally:

You know, as Americans see themselves and their country being sold out and diminished by what appears to be controlled political counter intuitive opposition through blackmail? Threats to themselves or their families? Some perverted allegiance to government and against the American people as a whole? An alliance with the "progressive" un and anti-America / America must be destroyed to bring about the U.N. formulated / New World Order embraced by the "progressive" Democrat party machine and the profit margin corporate sell out RINO's?

This is what American Democrat party knee jerk voters are voting for, like it or not.

Or even worse, an allegiance bought and paid by and for in the interests of the enemies of America. AMERICA INVITES ITS ENEMIES WITHIN (

I suspect it is a combination of several of the above listed reasons. It is sick and getting sicker! And remember this: WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

This kind of enthusiastic rally demonstration by the historically Democrat party voting people in New Jersey being an unarguable reality. We all must be aware that the Democrat party machine, run by the most ruthless radical political operatives who align with a let's say a more authoritarian and force driven model of governance and life (Read: Marxist). You know authoritarian because you are not qualified to direct the trajectory of your life and your country. We must ask:

What will the proven ruthless and radical and growing more and more desperate in America politics Democrats do in order to prevail?

Just one-man poses the greatest threat to their political power, agenda, and control. Just one man and the people who are swelling behind him.

Keep this in mind: America must fall or be very much diminished and controlled by "others" in order for the George Soros / Klause Shwab / Democrat / RINO Globalists who propose: "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy" in the world to succeed.

You as an American must understand this, I cannot understand this for you.

All potentials exist.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/12/24

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