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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Chicago: Juneteenth party results in 20 people being shot and one person shot dead:

Similar happened in San Deigo, California.

Tell me, was it the finger? Or was it the trigger? (You can answer this question. And yes, I know that question confuses some people, but I know you can answer it.)

You tell me.

Freedom in a society without any concern for your actions and the potential shame that your actions might bring first to your own mother and father. And second a healthy fear of consequences from the legal system and your future prospects. To say nothing of the blatant disregard for your actions either injuring or killing someone can only result in chaos and gang like warfare in the streets of America.

And I suppose that Chicago is now the ground zero example for this rule of chaos and juvenile mindless gang like warfare in the streets given the choices that the people in Chicago continue to make. All a result of government and perverted subjective politics political agendas.

What can anyone ever expect when your own national and local government encourages and now enthusiastically promotes drug use, refuses based on perverted subjective interpretations of law and justice to round up and make career criminals pay consequences for violent and deadly actions taken and remain on the streets, endeavors to disarm and criminalize the general public protecting themselves.

And your own government through its perverted politics are also proactively weaking the voting system by introducing concepts like ranked choice voting and mail in voting which are among the most corruptible forms of casting votes and counting votes, and the list goes on. It is long and multi layered the ways in which political power is further acquired, consolidated and retained.

"By any means necessary", means by any means necessary.

You tell me what is the only resulting condition when your own government and the people who you apparently have voted for through your political affiliation act in such counter intuitive and subjective ways that threaten in real terms your freedom and safety (And their continuing control and power)? Please feel free to inform me what you believe these policies might result in other than what it is we all see in the real world.

A bonus related video I just found. Be proud, embrace your political accomplishment: This is the CRAZIEST thing you’ll see today - YouTube

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/17/23

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