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Students at Columbia University hate Jews, and some of them are Jews!

Now several years ago I forced myself out my need to more comprehensively understand to listen to Barak Hussein Obama and the subjects and words he used in order to communicate his anti-American, anti-white man philosophical Marxist message to the country and the world. He as the president certainly had the big megaphone, and he was effective.

And among his chosen terminology and his carefully crafted anti American philosophically Marxist messages he used the word "Folks" or "Folk" all the time in his speeches. The radical Left defines words and terms to suit their purposes. And that term in my interpretation and how he used it to me had a down home deep South pandering racist subversive subtext symbology attached to it. It was a subliminal message intended by design in my interpretation to draw a line between the Black American population and the White American population, Us and Them.

And I still remain of that opinion. And this NEW "progressive" word "FOLX" and the new word "Ashkenormativity" takes it to the next level promoting racism and targeting and demonizing the Jews.

Barak Hussein Obama was the most divisive and race baiting racist American president in American history. And you thought the intellectual Herbert Hoover was a racist? Well Barak Hussein Obama, installed radical Leftist president is Hoovers racist presidential counterpart. Alls fair in love and war, and this is political warfare.

Is it "Folks"? Or is it "FOLX" at Columbia University? :

And the young next generation subversive / pseudo moralistic students at Columbia University, one of theee apex universities in the world have taken things to their next racist and antisemitic level. Barak Hussein Obama has nothing on them. As a matter of fact, Columbia University is Sooo Socialist and Sooo authoritarian that the CCP Chinese government pays all of the hefty admissions bills for a select group of Chinese students they send to attend Columbia University.

And the CCP Chinese overlords are not making those hefty investments in their students because they seek more American Constitutional concepts growing in CCP China.

DEI required at Columbia University? :

These young people that now populate the highest levels of education, Liberal and now Leftist indoctrinated all are the future Politicians, Supreme Court Justices, Lawyers, University administrators, Teachers, Doctors, Corporate leaders etc.

These are future shapers of the direction of the American experiment in governance and the interpreters of the Constitution. Oy.

Just thought I would cheer you up.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/20/24

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