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Updated: Sep 3, 2023

There is a theme that runs through most of the writing that I do, and it is this: CONSTITUTION GOOD * GOVERNMENT BAD. And when I talk about that I am referring specifically to the American Constitution and the government that emanates from it, is structured by it and exists as a result of the structure that the Constitution specifies. Think of the Constitution as the rules of a board game. You can play the game, but you must play by the rules. And the rules have a very specific purpose and goal.

And make no mistake about it, government is necessary. Between absolute Libertarian freedom which is chaos, and absolute Marxist authoritarian oppression there must be reasonable Objective not Subjective government.

And of course, there will be those who will devise schemes and systems, technical legal manipulations in order to cheat so that they can win more. Win more or if they can manage it take over the entire game and write new rules that only favor them. And that is the nature of such things that involve human beings. Human beings have a strong drive to have their Subjective perspective prevail because it favors them. It is really related to Darwinian or natural rules of survival. We can all I believe understand and agree on this point.

And most people in my opinion from my conversations and feedback with them tend to lump the two subjects together, the Constitution and the government are one and the same thing. So, their logic must continue: If the Constitution and the government are one in the same and "government bad" then both the Constitution and government must be bad. And that is a faulty short circuited logic and it is not accurate. And they tend to throw Capitalism in that basket and call it all the same, bad! And that is also incorrect. But that is a subject for another SIGMA3 panel coming soon.

The Constitution creates the structure that the government must exist and operate within. And so, the fact is that they are two separate things. Then you must ask: If the Constitution in fact structures the rules that government must exist and operate within and is separate one from the other and are not the same then what is it all about?

The Constitution structures and is superior to the government, it precedes government. They are two different things. Much like your enumerated Rights also precede the government, and that being so the government cannot take away what they did not give in the first place. All and every government that has ever existed throughout history from a King to a Congress is bad, it is just a question of to what degree. And a purely Subjective government can be nothing other than that and it just remains to see to what degree they will go. And an unchecked Subjective government will become authoritarian. You can plainly see that ongoing today in American politics.

What is the theory of the Constitution really about? Objectivity. People always see their Subjective self-interests as being paramount. And that is reasonable. No one if they want to survive sees those who they perceive as posing a real or imagined threat to them whether physically or intellectually as having power over them as being a good thing. And so how in a civilization, in a culture, in a society do you find a middle ground where your Subjective perspective may be seen as a threat to others and visa vera? Objectivity in governance and not Subjectivity. The Constitution attempts to structure an Objective frame of operation, the mechanics and the rules that the political players must play by. And it structures the rules and logic that law, justice and the court system must fundamentally, philosophically, Objectively operate within. A Subjective law, justice and court system must result only in one thing, authoritarianism.

Americas strength lies in the Constitutions Objectivity and the confidence that it produces within its population and internationally. Destroy it and the only result can be authoritarian rule. Everyone needs to know that they will be judged fairly. And it is certainly not always perfect, but it is the best we have got.

Do you see it now? Do you see why? Because a government that is filled with self-interested people on both sides of the political realm equation will ALWAYS scheme to Subjectively structure the rules of operation and the laws, justice and the courts that come from it to favor their positions and interests. And that is why government, any government, which is populated with self-interested, subjectively oriented by nature human beings will always in time be bad, even evil! Government, all government is bad, it is Subjectively evil by nature. And the only solution is an Objective theory of governance.

Thomas Paine: Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one. The man knew exactly what he was speaking about.

And so, the only solution to what can only be evil Subjective government rule is what? A theory of governance structured and written in the Objective perspective in order to attempt to counterbalance that tendency to Subjectively dominate. If human nature in governance is not counter balanced and is allowed to be and remain Subjective then the only result can be evil authoritarian rule.

The proof? What exactly are we witness to in the political warfare arena that we see being played out between the two main political parties in America today? The attempt by the one political party in majority control forcing their Subjective political perspective regarding law, justice and courts on the other political perspective. And the other side would do the same if they had the opportunity.

And what form of Objective theory of governance attempts to counterbalance that exclusive Subjective perspective that without doubt turns government into an evil authoritarian entity?

The American Constitution attempts to counterbalance that natural Subjective perspective tendency.

What do we see today in our politics? *Today's Subjective oriented American political party in political power mandating the people accept an experimental drug be injected into their body without choice or lose your job *The government and the media joining, conspiring, colluding and working in concert in order to present one Subjective political / healthcare perspective *Government and media censoring the vital information that people were not allowed to see and severely limiting their ability to freely and privately communicate using traditional and social media forms o communication *The governments use of the law, justice and court system to persecute, block and prosecute their political rivals *Forcing particular products, cars, light bulbs, ceiling fans, washing machines etc. without choice on the people based on a politically and ideologically driven theory in existential threat agenda *The standing down and willingness to surrender American sovereignty to international organizations *The strategic politically driven forced invasion of the American borders with millions of illegals without vetting and forcing the American population to pay for it through their taxes for their room, board, healthcare and education (This may in fact be the most egregious example of Subjective political abuse of power in American history) *The forcing of biological men who identify as women to be accepted into athletic competition with biological women *Indoctrinating children in schools to hate and be racist *The purposeful destruction of America's industrial base and their ability to produce clean energy *The proposal that properly regulated Capitalism is fundamentally bad and is to be modified into some kind of Socialist / CCP type chimera that results in oppression, fear, mandated compliance and authoritarian rule *The economic and military empowering of our enemies in pursuit of a Global government model where America is a minor player (Treason IMO) *The forced installation of wind mills off shore in the ocean to produce "clean" energy where more and more evidence mounts that demonstrates they kill whales, birds and who knows what else? The list is long.

GP: "In a landmark ruling on September 1, a federal court stated that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) abused its authority under federal law when it advised Americans to “stop” using the drug ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19."

Government has NEVER told you the truth, that is not their job, do not further delude yourself. Finding truth is your job.

This is massive Subjective political warfare push is happening right now live and in living color; does it seem reasonable for you and your family and the country's future?

All of the plain to see listed items above and the many more not so visible to you are being Subjectively forced on the people of America by one particular political party currently in power who is driven by a particular self-interested Subjective political ideology. Subjectivity in governance over time will, must, result in absolute authoritarian rule. There is no way around it.

Are you an authoritarian? Is that what you want your and your country's future to look like?

Constitution good * Government bad

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/2/23

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