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Democrat politics created Trump?

Yes, that's right, the Democrat politics (and the RINO politics for that matter) created Trump. They could not help themselves over the past 50 or so years. And they are making him bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. Trump grows exponentially in proportion to how much the Democrats desperately need him to be diminished and go away. But because of their continuing extreme efforts he grows and grows. It is the nature of such things related to power, perversion and corruption in governance. The more you resist the solution the more you will get.

What is ongoing right now in America reminds me of an old sci fi movie "Forbidden Planet". Emotions and desires drive an unthinkable kind of alien AI technology to destroy all who oppose those desires. "unaffected by intelligence, ethics, or morality". Sound familiar?

Monsters from the ID: 2 min 48 sec.

"The Krell forgot one thing: "monsters from the id". The machine gave the Krell's own subconscious desires - unaffected by intelligence, ethics, or morality - free rein with unlimited power, causing their own extinction. Adams deduces that Morbius's subconscious created the thing that both killed the original expedition members and attacked his crewmen. Morbius refuses to believe him.

Michael Moore brilliantly also made a similar although paradoxical observation about Trump and who created the need that someone like him reveal themselves. And out of necessity he become the energy and the force that must exist in order that the American dream and leadership be revived and reconstituted.

Michael Moore Joe Blow Speech: 4 min. 30 sec.

Resistance is futile.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/30/24

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