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My perspective on this July Fourth, 2024, Independence Day:

The Liberal Democrats have evolved into the radical Left Democrat Socialists and the "Destroy the Patriarchy" party. And in that mode of evolution, they realize that they must go full authoritarian in order to provide the most "Equity" to the most people.

Translation: We aspire to be or are now the elite authoritarians, and you will do, say and behave as we the "Destroy the Patriarchy" Democrat / Socialists of America that now dominate the party deem appropriate.

"A hot buzz word and movement has begun in society with regard to “destroying the patriarchy.” This has to do with oppressed groups in society reacting to the power of the white man, fueled by centuries of injustice."

10,000 years of blood and guts, warfare and authoritarian abuses of power have resulted in a version of Western civilization which has resulted in the Constitution of the United States of America.

And those 10,000 years of evolution have resulted is the Constitution conceived of and written by a bunch of white, colonizers, some of whom owned slaves tired of living under that 10,000-year-old historical Monarchical abuse of power do as you are told model. A Constitutional model which attempts to make more prevalent and abundant equality and prosperity and less abuse of power and equality before the law in real terms for the most people on planet earth.

And these unhappy human moralists and ideologues who see those particular white men that freed the most people and made them the most prosperous and having the most opportunity in the history of humanity, because of the color of their skin and their dominance in what they were able to structure, they were and are evil. And anything that came from their "evil" Patriarchal efforts must be destroyed and recast in a model that they, those moralistic ideological individuals who know better based on their minuscule Subjective historical understanding and judgement say should be.

And so, their moralistic ideological mantra is "Destroy the Patriarchy". To be replaced with what? The Matriarchy? The Gaytriarchy? The Transtriarchy? The Global Socialist Archy?

Or better yet, revert to the well-established time tested and very results-oriented authoritarian do as you are told abuse of power model that those white slave owning colonizers CHOSE to themselves destroy over time with a model of governance where freedom and prosperity for the most people ever in the history of the planet earth grew from by constructing the Constitution. The Founders did not just pull the Constitution out of their rearends.

These childminded "Destroy the Patriarchy" radical Leftist Democrat ideologues seek to replace segregation and racism, with segregation and racism. And that is what naturally happens when human beings who attain some measure of political power over others through law become. Ignoring the concepts and intents of the Constitution you become what you say you despise, you become authoritarian and the new do as you are told Patriarchy.

To my point: Spoken like a true authoritarian Nazi, force must be used. Klause Shwab, Globalist elite founder of the World Economic Forum: This is the new "ARCY" and you will comply! Marcus Cottus on X: "WEF : Klaus Schwab ‘We Must Force’ Humanity into ‘Collaboration’" / X 1 min. 35 sec.

They tell you exactly who they are and what they intend.

Black, white, brown, Asian, gay, trans, whatever, there is a reason why people by the millions are breaking into America, and it is not because they look forward to the "NEW" ARCHY (Definition: Rule, government) constructed by the Liberal now radical leftist moralistic / idealistic people on the radical Left that have highjacked the Democrat party in America and Globally.

Now, choose one or the other because those are the "ARCHY" choices that exist. Choose one and live either in a true measure of freedom, or under the rule of true authoritarians and do as you are told. Choose one.

Have a happy Fourth of July, Independence Day with your new understanding of what "Destroy the Patriarchy" mantra actually means.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/4/24

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