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If I learned two things in my many years dealing with the public and living in general, it is to treat everyone, no matter what they look like with genuine respect. And knowing the difference between being Subjective and Objective. Master these and prosper. Master these and live in peace.

CAVEAT: Which does not mean that you are required to love anyone or tolerate their particular biases, Subjective perversions and insanities. You give respect and you also expect respect, which creates MUTUAL RESPECT. It is a choice. Whatever biases and perversions are bouncing around in someone's / your brain over and above your interactions with others is their / your problem. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!

Your default position in dealing with all people should be, EVERYONE IS RACIST, BIASED, TRIBALLY, POLITICALLY, CULTURALLY, RELIGIOUSLY programmed or psychologically manipulated in some way shape or form in the pursuit of power and control by others. Black, White, Brown, North, South, East, West or whatever. (See: CAVEAT)

And from the point of contact with others you CHOOSE to treat them with respect. You CHOOSE and you are genuine about it.

Today, especially in the public schools and in the halls of higher education and buttressed by a perverted media from the top to the bottom there is racism, division and hatred broadcast and taught. And that goes double for politics. Politics needs racism, contention, tension and division dominating in the minds of the public. If not that then what purpose would they serve?

There is racism and bias in the world and that is just a fact, and it is how you CHOOSE to conduct yourself in relation to others that either brings it out and becomes an issue. OR you CHOOSE to treat all you encounter with a philosophy of mutual respect.

Which does not mean that there will not be confrontation and issues, but it is certainly better than what is being promoted in the schools the media and in politics today in order that the population remains in confrontation and tension.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/15/24

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5 days ago
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It used to be called "civility" or just plain good manners.

Respondendo a

Common sense and good manners have been highjacked. Time to end the confusion and get back to it.

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