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Does any of this sound familiar to you? And this interview is now over 30 years old. Expose yourself to "true information" because the time to act is upon you. Be not naive.

This interview with a real KGB operative and defector, Uri Bezmenov, predicts the insanity that you see overflowing in today's America. It is all a function of our own success and hubris and the radical Marxist and the Elite Leftists among us in our politics. None of this is by mistake.

"In future Marxist Leninist America": Uri Bezmenov, KGB, interview with Edward G. Griffin: Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov -Interviewed By G. Edward Griffin - YouTube 1hr. 21 min.

* "The demoralization process is already completed in America".

* "The elite Leftist thinkers and radicals are useful idiots"

* "Exposure to true information does not matter anymore".

* "America is stuck with demoralization".

* "The United States is in an undeclared state of war".

Are you paying attention yet America?

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