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Updated: Jan 4

The recent resignation of Harvard president, Dr. Claudine Gay because of the heat she and the esteemed Harvard University and its board came under after she refused to plainly state that terrorism and antisemitism were not acceptable on the university campus in her testimony before Congress. And then it apparently became overwhelmingly clear that she was not as honest as she was required to be regarding her intellectual and scholarship efforts. She apparently plagiarized some parts of her PhD thesis.

Gender, skin color or sexual orientation should not be among the prime qualifying criteria for such a position. She was apparently not qualified for the job by Harvard's own criteria. And she was again, apparently hired for different reasons, just politically correct boxes that she ticked off. Tick those boxes off if you must, but do not lower your standards to do so. Symbolism without substance is a fraud and in the long term really endangers everyone.

Everyone dies, civilizations falls when political correctness becomes the prime reason for doing something because it is weak, and it is pathetic. Especially when it's primarily done for Gender, Skin Color or Sexual Orientation empowerment reasons.

And who in my opinion is Dr. Gay an analogue for should the rumors about who will in fact run against the Republican candidate in 2024? WHEN Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announce their retirement from politics to "spend more quality time with their families" and are replaced?


(Analogue: Something that is similar or comparable to something else either in general or in some specific detail: something that is analogous to something else.)

Michelle Obama is qualified to be president? Really? Why and in what "context" would she be qualified? But you could make the exact same argument about her husband and look where he found himself. Politics is more about emotion, perceived self-interests, and tribal associations than the result of a logical, rational thought process. Stand by on this presidential candidate speculation that is floating around.

The "politically correct" path to political success model may have been broken beyond repair with the Dr. Claudine Gay reveal and resignation.

Now I have nothing against Michelle Obama other than she appears to be very much aligned with her husband's politics and I consider Mr. Obama by his own words and actions in office as being a philosophical Marxist and an anti-American. So, I could never support such a person in politics because his and her politics as I understand them are diametrically opposed to the founding of the country and the Constitution as intended. They are interested in the "Fundamental Transformation of America". Very simple, no muss no fuss.

And I am sure that Mrs. Obama, just like I am sure Dr. Gay, are very nice people. I just strongly disagree with their conclusions about politics and the direction the country must head in for a positive, prosperous, equal, strong and free future, for everyone.

And if Mrs. Obama were to become the Democrat party 2024 presidential candidate she would do so with the same exact "politically correct" qualifications as Ms. Gay had in her position as the president of Harvard University. In my opinion anyway.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/3/24

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Jan 03
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Michelle Obama is analogous to "Dr." Gay in more ways than one. Yes, they are both steeped in Marxism, and I wouldn't be too sure about either of them being "very nice people." Anyone who subscribes to Critical Race Theory, which teaches and advocates for pure race hatred, is not pleasant, IMO. They both appear to be intellectual lightweights, as well. Years ago I tried to read Michelle's college thesis, "tried" being the operative word. Obviously, like Gay, she wrote all about being Black in White America, with a lot of self-references; and besides being sub-standard as far as grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, it was crushingly boring. She would have done well to just copy from someone wit…

Replying to

I hear you and I generally agree with you. I wanted to keep this to a simplified examination to keep things less polorizing. But I hear you.

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