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It is not about impeachment at this moment in time and may never get there, it is about a process. Democrat leadership dismisses the impeachment of Joe Biden, and I would have to agree, that will not happen. However, that is not what is underway.

The Republican leadership has instituted an impeachment INQUIRY. And an impeachment inquiry and an impeachment are two very different things. The one does not have to lead to the other. Sometimes these kinds of political issues come down to getting a strategic phone call from your party leadership, ask Richard Nixon.

And the government system that the Constitution structures that provides for a justified expanded investigation into those who populate it is designed to reveal to the public some measure of truth.

Remember, trust not the words of ANY politician, trust only their actions.

What an official impeachment inquiry will give to the Republican leadership is not an impeachment. It is the ability for Congress to subpoena witnesses and have expanded access to personal banking and other documents related to what has become apparent to most in regard to exactly what Joe Biden, his son Hunter and other family members apparently have been engaged in for the last several decades. And this kind of self-enrichment especially at this level of political power is a clear and present danger to the security of the country.

Self-incriminating evidence from when Joe was vice president when he himself bloviated about his threatened American government policy action denying $1 billion dollars to Ukraine in getting a Ukraine prosecutor fired who was criminally investigating his son and the company that he conveniently was sitting on the board of. Joe owns several mansions? And his son has like his father self-confessed in an email that he "gives pop half his earnings for the last 30 years".

You remember Joe bloviating and massaging his ego?

And the price tag for these apparent corrupt actions regarding the presidents / vice presidents sworn fiduciary responsibilities? The number that is now thrown around by those who have seen at least some of the documentation is in the $20 million dollar range distributed over 20 or so LLC company bank accounts. And logic might indicate much, much more? Stand by.

Not to mention both Devan Archer and Tony Bobulinski, Hunters business partners verifying many of the action accusations and 10% to "The Big Guy" against the then vice president, Joe Biden.

The Constitution gives everyone, especially those who are politically empowered and sworn to uphold the Constitution in the Political Realm, and those in the Pedestrian Realm, all the rope one needs to hang themselves. And it certainly at this time appears that Joe and company has utilized every inch of that rope. Possibly to historical levels.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/13/23

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