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Kevin Mc Carthy press conference: BREAKING NEWS: Speaker McCarthy Calls For Congress To Initiate Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden - YouTube 7:35 min.

IRS Whistleblower: Biden Biz Associate Said POTUS Showed Up To Meetings With Him And Hunter Biden - YouTube 6 min.

Within 90 days, 120 days might the current president be receiving a Nixonian like phone call from a Democrat party leader? Stand by Kamala? Stand by Gavin Newsome?

Are you even aware that this is ongoing America? Have the media outlets both digital, talking head and print even informed you about the degree of credible accusations there exist regarding the current president?

Because if you were not paying attention from what I can see most of them are not recognizing and reporting on any of it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/25/23

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