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Both Dana Carvey and David Spade boil down the Covid experience for most rational thinking Americans as only they can.

And who among us when we heard that masses of illegal immigrants were both encouraged and incentivized IN THE MILLIONS by our own government (Democrat controlled at the time) to rush Americas purposefully by them left wide open southern border. And there was no concern for their health condition nor was there any concern that they be mandated to be "vaccinated" against Covid with the *NEW* and experimental mRNA *wonder* drug.

And YOU were as an American mandated in many instances to take into your body the still experimental drug WITHOUT CHOICE or you might lose your job. That should have been the wakeup call where you asked: What the hell is really going on here?

(From where I sit the Covid event was but an open ended zero liability opportunity new technology in drug development and proof of concept operation for both government and big pharma. And no one is saying that vaccines are not effective when used properly, no one. However, this new mRNA "vaccine" technology is experimental and is different than the old and proven more natural vaccine technology, two totally different things.)

Where there is risk especially regarding an experimental new drug there must be rational individual choice. And when there is no choice by order of government then we are in Nuremberg war crimes territory IMO. (Reread S.O.M. in this blog to understand where such justifications come from)

At that point whether you were living in fear of the unknown or not you should have realized that the entire exercise was more a manipulation in search of absolute political control, compliance and power and not a concern for you or your family.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/29/23

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