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A powerful song has been written and performed by the artist that simply reveals and celebrates the accomplishments of the now desperate, twisted, radical Leftist, Globalist, un and anti-American, $ocialist, raci$t, facilitator of the illegal immigrant invasion, criminalize political $peech, Democrat party machine and the go along to get along, weak and feckle$$ RINO Republican party.

A simple song written and performed by a simple man regarding some of his observations and the accomplishments of our American political parties. Well done, Oliver!

Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North of Richmond: 3:10 min.

I think it is still up to you the American people in the long run if this kind of extreme politics is allowed to continue and literally destroy our American system and country. I think it is still up to you. Stand by on that.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/18/23

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