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Let's make a list of who might be in the running for vice president in the coming 2024 presidential election.

First let's eliminate Nikki Haley right off the bat. If she is chosen purely for reasons of political strategy and pandering to the RINO political machine, then there will be loss. I will not vote for that ticket, I might just stay home. She would be the analog of Ronald Reagan's having to choose former CIA head, George Bush sr. as his vp. So, she is out.

How do you come to understand that she is owned and who owns her? OREILLY, ON VIVECK, ON NIKKI: HOW IT$ DONE (

And I would also eliminate Viveck Ramaswamy. He was well spoken and clear, very sharp, but, he is a bit of a too ambitious operator, not quite developed enough. He has also said some things about foreign policy that just leave me flat, much like when you listen to RFK jr. and some of his wacky positions. So, he is out.

I will throw Ron Desantis in with both Viveck and Nikki also. Good governor, should have sat out this election cycle out. Timing is everything in life.

*I like Ben Carson. He reminds me of a Lincolnesque like figure, smart, measured, accomplished, focused, wise, and he gets it. But I do not know what constituency he delivers.

*Kristi Noam? Hmmmm. She is a sitting Conservative governor, and she seems to get it, but I don't know enough about her. She would be an asymmetrical choice. And I believe that there will be no canned choice for this position.

*Now I very much like, Byron Donalds, Congressman of Florida. Probably my number one choice. He is sharp and is very focused and he certainly gets it. A potential very strong executive leader. He was asked at some point I believe if he was concerned about being accosted regarding how contentious things in Congress was getting. He replied: "I am 6"2" and I weigh 275 pounds, I really have no concern at all about that. He has a good sense of humor and sense of self. A solid man.

*What about Tulsi Gabbard? That would be asymmetrical. I would have to say no. Why? She was a Democrat, and she apparently rejected their un and anti-American insanity which is a pro. BUT she like Viveck were rightfully or not on the World Economic Forum young leaders list. And Viveck took money for school from George Soros's brother? Really!? Yes. And they both said their names were essentially high jacked by the WEF, but that makes me not happy. You cannot IMO fully understand those kinds of associations and the potential grooming / control investment there might or not be.

*What about Sarah Huckaby Sanders? I like her very much, she is strong, has White House communication /press experience and has common sense. She gets it. But I do not believe that she, a brand-new governor will be on the list.

*And then we are left with.............Elise Stefanik. And some might make an argument that she is really a more or too much of a Liberal Republican from New York, BUT.

SHE KICKED ASS WITHOUT MERCY REGARDING THE DEI / PRO HAMAS / ANTI ISRAEL UNIVERSITIES IN A CONGRESSIONAL HEARING. She was a raging political Amazon warrior killer! She was prepped and ready for battle, and she did it all dolled up, lipstick and eye shadow. She looked great as she plunged her sword of truth into each university presidents' dark authoritarian DEI political heart. A very strong VP audition. And I believe that that one shining performance along with her many other clear and concise well-spoken positions like her J6th prisoner position and the fact that she was the first Congress person to fully endorse "MAGA PRIME", puts her high on the list. She gets it and "MAGA PRIME" loves loyalty and a true warrior.

"WASHINGTON — During a candlelit dinner with Mar-a-Lago members in late December, former President Donald Trump walked around the table as the conversation turned to one of the biggest decisions, he’d have to make should he become the Republican nominee: Whom should he pick to be his running mate? That’s when Rep. Elise Stefanik, the hard-charging upstate New York Republican, came up, according to a person at the dinner table. Attendees around Trump raved about her viral moment just weeks before, when she grilled three university presidents at a congressional hearing about antisemitism on campus. And she pushed them so hard they were all forced to resign! At the suggestion of Stefanik as a possible choice for vice president, someone nodded approvingly.

“She’s a killer" was uttered, according to the person at the event.".

Sometimes you need a stone-cold, but fair and benevolent killer to take care of business. And we as a country have certainly arrived at that moment of need.


*Update from a trusted friend that made some good observation that I agree with:

"Cons: Harvard Grad, worked for Bush. Pros: Tough broad, her father owns a lumber company that competes with me. Yes, that is a pro for her. Has always espoused conservative ethos. Stood up at every key juncture during the election and stands up for J6 hostages.  She is young. My biggest concern is that she like most of Trump’s picks is a Trojan horse. Any association with the hairy Bush family has NEVER worked out." 

And it is that last observation that is a real concern to me about all and every candidate for ANY politically empowered office. The deep state machine of either the Left or the Right will prevail and install the authoritarian Globalist agenda in the world. All of these big political players in the world are playing 5-dimension chess and have the money and assets in most all political party operations to get their agendas installed and implemented. This is a long "Game of Thrones", and these players have the money and the clandestine ability to be in most all places in their efforts to control ALL over the will and the power of the vote of the people of America. You just cannot be 100% certain about anything at this level of play.

(*Tucker Carlsen? Now that would be asymmetrical)

We will keep watching this situation as it unfolds. Greatest show on earth.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/16/24

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