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This Congressional investigation is the system of discovery that is proscribed and designed by the Constitution in order that at some point the people will be able to in some degree determine what the real truth is as best as they are able. Why? Because it is the people by design that MUST direct THEIR country.

The Constitution is the counterbalance to the nature of man related to the abuse of power.

Why is politics soooo contentious and desperate to the point that any person or party seeking political empowerment will literally do anything up to and including murder to acquire and retain it? BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL! Very simple.

The Constitution provides all concerned with the framework and the Objectively established rules of operation in which to operate. And it provides all concerned with all the rope one needs to hang themselves if they so choose.

Objectivity and not Subjectivity is the theory and foundation of the American legal and justice system. All Subjective based perspectives can result in only one thing, AUTHORITARIAN RULE.

"Dr Fauci, 82, also admitted that he signed off on millions of dollars worth of grants without reviewing the proposals - and appeared to admit his agency had little oversight of the foreign labs it bankrolled."

"Dr Fauci is accused of funding risky experiments believed to have started the pandemic and suppressing the lab leak theory to silence his critics."

"Dr Fauci privately commissioned a scientific paper that denounced the lab leak theory as a conspiracy and attacked those who subscribed to it as racists."

From: ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE: "List for me what you believe the government, or a politician has told you that was the truth, like: Who shot Kennedy? Hillary's missing 30K emails were about yoga and wedding plans? James Comey, head of the FBI lists the multiple reasons that Hillary should be indicted, and then concludes that she should not be indicted? Where Covid came from? Take the shot and you will not get Covid? There is no ongoing invasion at the Southern border? Here is a good one. Jeffery Epstein committed suicide in a federal prison, that was secure enough to hold El Chapo, while two security officers slept AND while all related video cameras were inoperable. Could happen ; " ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE (

You get my point, and I will continue to make that point. Government and Fauci in this instance are who you are or were trusting to deliver to you the truth? HELLO!

And in the end, in discovery, in sworn testimony before Congress, it appears that Fauci and co. was soooo deep into the wrong side of this issue that he was just covering his ass.

When people become too powerful and arrogant other people die.

IMO Fauci appears to just be a controlled asset of a larger agenda of worldwide planetary control. Guess W.H.O.? (NO, not the band)

Now hopefully you know better. I wonder?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/9/24

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Can we assume that the picture is of an overgrown grave? Because IMO the esteemed Doctor is one of the most prolific killers in history, as well as being a psychopath. Look up his "handling" of the AIDS crisis, including his treatment of vulnerable children--it was a trial run to what he did with Covid.


Ghengis Khan has got nothing on Fauci. "He is the science!".

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