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Updated: Mar 8

Always remember, the government and I do not care which party is in control of it has NEVER told you or anyone else the truth, not the real truth anyway. NEVER. And so, if "IT" is involved in some issue you must assume that there is something other ongoing related to power and control rather than the "truth" that "IT" proposes. That must always be your default, until you can reasonably establish what is true and what is not anyway. And if you cannot? Use your common sense. You still have common sense, right?

List for me what you believe the government, or a politician has told you that was the truth, like: Who shot Kennedy? Hillary's missing 30K emails were about yoga and wedding plans? James Comey, head of the FBI lists the multiple reasons that Hillary should be indicted, and then concludes that she should not be indicted? Where Covid came from? Take the shot and you will not get Covid? There is no ongoing invasion at the Southern border? Here is a good one. Jeffery Epstein committed suicide in a federal prison, that was secure enough to hold El Chapo, while one security officers slept and the other went to the bathroom AND while all related security video cameras were inoperable. Could happen.

You get my point, that is who you are trusting to deliver to you the truth? HELLO!

Truth is not the job of government; control of power and governance is the job of the entity "Government" (SEE: S.O.M.). Your, my, our juvenile paternal need to see government as the teller of truth and having our best interests in mind is a false reality Pedestrian Realm perspective. And fear related to that perspective is a tool of manipulation in pursuit of power and control.

"Climate change", which is a false label term, the climate has and always will change, it is not a static thing. The question remains is how much does human activity effect it? IMO to some degree but not to the level of fear that those in the political world offer.


America must "decarbonize" and destroy its power, dominance and standing in the world, while all other major producers of CO2 are free to produce as much carbon as they please? Self-suicide is not an option for me, but it is to those involved in Globalist politics that want and need America to be diminished and by their own words removed from dominance in the world. America is being delivered to the agenda.

This is the foundation of the Globalist "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy" agenda. America and its Constitution must be eliminated from dominance for this to take place. Is that something that you seek and support?

And that is what I primarily observe.

"Climate Change" is primarily a political weapon and means of control. Which does not mean that we should not enthusiastically take care of the environment, not for one second.

The earth is currently in a general continuing warming cycle and will soon begin to descend into another ice age cycle and believe me in comparison those in the future will be burning fossil fuel like crazy to stave it off if indeed CO2 is the driving cause of warming the planet. A little increase in the earth's average temperature, which is not in our direct human control, is far more desirable to the inevitable 5,000 feet of ice towering over your house if you live in North America. Which as I understand it would not take too long to manifest itself given the inevitable and unstoppable ice age cycle driven by the earth's changing relation to the sun. You know, that big glowing thing in the sky.

Is humanity in fact stunting the oncoming ice age by burning fossil fuel? Maybe? But that is not a reason to not do as much as is reasonable and possible to clean up our environment through technology of general trash, particulate, chemicals and unnecessary carbon related components in the atmosphere.

Not at all, but do not serve up America to what is a clearly stated political agenda that by their own words state exactly what they intend, the end of your country, its dominance in the world and by extension, your Constitution. And that is the real problem here. I did not make this up, they tell you exactly what they intend. And they are making real progress in fulfilling it.

WEF: "The world's political landscape in 2030 will look considerably different to the present one. Nation states will remain the central players. There will be no single hegemonic force but instead a handful of countries – the U.S., Russia, China, Germany, India and Japan chief among them – exhibiting semi-imperial tendencies. Power will be more widely distributed across non-state networks, including regressive ones."

And that in the summing up of this issue is what all of the chaos and confusion having to do with "Climate Change", mass forced migration into a welfare state America and across European borders, the forced mixing of dissimilar cultures, promoting racism, division and tension, the weaponizing of government by the current powers that be against those who oppose it and its agenda, the forcing of compliance to medical dictates, the forcing of the electric auto agenda, the destabilizing of the American military, actively destroying the America energy industry. That is what it is all really about. Have no doubt, they have instructed you as to their plans for you, your family and your country. That is not progress to me, that is Socialism.

Trust none of them. Why? Because you now understand that the truth is not their goal, power and authoritarian control is their goal. You disagree with my assessment? Tell me all about it.

Let's build a Globalist agenda timeline:

*It really begins with Richard Nixon (R) and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger and detente with Russia and China, but we will begin with:

*George H.W. Bush (R), elected / installed, former CIA director, establisher of the modern Bush political dynasty, and the initiator of the One World Government concept into the zeitgeist of the American consciousness. Invader of the middle east in response to Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait, partially fulfilling the neocon agenda.

Remember: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."-William J. Casey, CIA Director

*Then we have Bill Clinton (D), elected, pragmatist, who further specifically empowered the CCP Chinese with American missile and rocket technology and the mass migration of American manufacturing from America to China. And the CCP Chinese bought it all for Clinton campaign contributions.

*Then we have George Bush jr. (R), installed over Al Gore. Gore being a progressive, Globalist and "Hockey Stick" / human driven "Climate Change" promoter. Bush jr. allowed the CCP Chinese into the World Trade Organization and further empowered them. The authoritarian CCP Chinese model of governance is the preferred collective form of governance of the authoritarian Globalist agenda promoters. Then we have under Bush jr. the pathway back to the middle east 9-11 event where three massive buildings coincidently happen to neatly fall into their own basements on the same day. Which again strategically delivers us to the middle east and Iraq. There is something about Iraq.

*Then we have Barack Hussein Obama (D), very light IMO in qualifications for the presidency (but the same goes for G. Bush jr.), installed, by the "progressives", Globalists, Muslim Brotherhood (?). A "progressive", a radical, racially divisive, philosophical Marxist (?), keeping the "seas from rising", "Fundamental Transformer of America" and financially well rewarded for a job well done. I was strangely and counter intuitively pleased that Mr. Obama was elected, but that only lasted for about 5 minutes because I did the work and understood where he politically came from and where I assumed he was going to go as president. And he did not disappoint. A true divider in chief, un and anti-American. The presidency where the Globalist agenda emerges into public view.

*Then we have the political anomaly and phenom, election disruptor in chief, Donald J. Trump (R) elected by the people. Who displaced the next in line to be installed and anointed candidate (D) who was scheduled to deliver America fully to the Globalist Agenda. And that disrupting fact has caused the panic and desperation in those who oppose him and those citizens who support him to go nuclear. How dare the people in America be allowed to put in place such an America centric non-Globalist oriented individual!? This is the birthing moment of full blown unapologetic out in the open political and legal LAWFARE. This is where the term "By any means necessary" really meets reality.

*Then we have the installed with great prejudice, panic and desperation the Potemkin president, Joe Biden (D). And you can plainly see where that has delivered us all to, too many offences to the country, the Constitution and freedom to list. Joe and company are tripling down and are in hyper mode in order to compensate for the lost time where the previously scheduled candidate (D) failed to occupy the White House in order to seal the deal and deliver America to the Globalist authoritarian agenda by 2030 as per the World Economic Forum and the U.N. clearly stated plans for us all.

*And mixed in during this period of time in the world we have the formulation and founding of the World Economic Forum in 1971 under the Nixon administration. You know, the WEF has decided as per Klause Schwabe, founder WEF: "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy". And you will do as you are instructed.

*And of course, in this period of time we have the billionaire, right out of a Hollywood movie, "Dr. Evil", George Soros founding the Open Society Foundation in 1993. Mr. Soros through his foundation / foundations is the prime driver and funder behind the installation of "progressive" / radical district attorneys and prosecutors across America who are actively undermining duly passed Objective law and justice. Apparently in an effort to further destabilize America in an effort to deliver it diminished and broken to the WEF and the authoritarian Globalist agenda. Which is scheduled to be fully operational and in control of the planet by 2030.

Warming by the numbers not by the computer models: Global Warming: Observations vs. Climate Models | The Heritage Foundation

This is what describes the political warfare that you see before you in the most Objective terms possible: WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

Disturbing? Yes, but warfare, political or otherwise is disturbing.

And that in a nutshell is really what "Climate Change" is actually about, in my opinion anyway. You disagree? Please tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/8/24

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