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First you install in the Democrat controlled cities radical district attorneys and prosecutors that execute insane destabilizing counter intuitive "law enforcement" policies. You flood the cities with masses of illegals, displace the already indigent and you encourage shoplifting and looting, and you do not lock up the mentally ill who are a clear and present violent danger to the public. But you do arrest and lock up those who dare protect themselves!

"The ex-convict who allegedly beat a 60-year-old woman with a cane in a Harlem subway station was cut loose by cops after the heinous caught-on-camera assault — and the officers’ response is now under investigation, The Post has learned."

"Beverly Hills is becoming a ghost town, as high-end retail stores exit the once-luxurious Los Angeles city amid a spate of high-end smash and grab gang robberies."

You make borrowing money too expensive for by causing inflation and pushing up interest rates way up and so borrowing money become too expensive for real estate purchases and small business which employs 60% of the work force in America. You make energy too expensive in order to stress the everyday individual. You flood the country with illegals and then push for them to receive work permits in order to dilute the work force and drive down the lowest paying jobs thus disrupting and stressing the minority and entry level workforce population. And who is left for the everyday man and woman to look to for support? GOVERNMENT!

You do everything that the radical Democrat Biden Potemkin administration is doing right now to destroy and destabilize the country if you wanted to destroy the Constitution and Capitalism in America. For what reason?

Something "different" the "progressives" will tell you. And the only resulting system will be a Subjective authoritarian system run by international Socialists and authoritarians! Sound like something you want you and your family to live under?

Joe Biden is delivering the deliverables to those who he serves because he is obviously not serving the American people and country. Who does he apparently serve? It appears he serves those countries in the world that have been funneling millions of dollars into his families multiple LLC companies to the tune of $20 plus million dollars? Stand by, probably much, much more. It is Joe's political office family enrichment business model which has been accelerated due to him becoming, vice president and then president. Everyone in Washington knew what he was all about when he was a Senator, this is just the revised executive branch business model that you will become very much aware of in the coming month.

And let me ask you this question in relation to this subject: Who do you see as having the bigger ego related to being perceived as being successful, Trump or Biden?

I would say both but for different reasons. Trump, which you may not personally like but for my purposes is irrelevant, is a visionary builder who is a very result oriented can-do human and his ego thrives on and loves the attention when he is successful. More, more, more.

Biden on the other hand is more of a business extortionist who sees himself sitting for years on committees in the Senate having to do with big business and overseeing policy regarding billions even trillions of dollars in the economy and not getting his percentage for work well done. He was not happy with inside information on stock market buys and sells, he wanted a direct connection into business which gave his ne'er-do-well drug addled son a job. He found a way to be "properly" compensated outside of the legal means and his sworn fiduciary political office responsibilities, like I am certain many in the politically empowered world have and are doing as you read this.

Just an Atypical political / business parasite who essentially sells his office for policy and influence, whether perceived or real. See: Burisma and getting the prosecutor fired that was investigating Joe's son who sat on its board of directors. Ah, hubris will get you every time. Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired - YouTube Quid pro quo? Looks like a duck.

Why do you think Hunter was there? Why was he hired? Protection. And See: The Trump impeachment when as president he spoke to president Zelinsky and if he had any knowledge of the Bidens and Burisma paying them for protection. The Congress under Nancy Pelosi knew very well what Joe was up to and Trumps phone call represented a direct threat to Democrat party machine power. So, she impeached him. Pure Objective Political Realm strategy.

And it is clear to me that Joe Biden is compromised, and his allegiance is not primarily with America, its Constitution and the people. There is a word for that, starts with a *T* and it ends with *EASON*. Just a controlled politician delivering the deliverables and doing what he has to because he is in fact compromised.

What is the Globalist / World Economic Forum agenda? Remove America from world dominance. "The U.S, won't be the leading superpower in the world": World Economic Forum: By 2030, "You will own nothing. And you'll be happy!" - YouTube

And that means only one thing, the American Constitution must be made moot and irrelevant. And if you continue to support the now out of control radical Democrat party machine that is exactly what you are supporting. What will you do? Hating Trump is no longer a viable answer to the reasons that you are voting for which ever Democrat is presented because ALL Democrats in the political power line up are exactly the same and seek the fundamental destruction of the country as founded.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/6/23

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A savage assessment of what is happening and who is doing it, but oh so right. I would only add that while every Democrat is exactly the same (because if they disagree about anything they are not supported/presented as candidates), there are also plenty of so-called RINO's who are happy to go along with the program.

Replying to

Yes, RINO's bad, weak, just as bad. Gotta go.

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