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Updated: Mar 23

For hundreds even thousands of years human beings have been observing and recording things that appear to move through the atmosphere like nothing that we are able to come close to accomplishing. And we do not or cannot understand and comprehend what they. But there they are all the same.

Some people report being abducted by them, and some people report seeing them up close and personal with some negative effects. But it is not known, by the general public anyway, what they are, who manufactures them, how they work, where they come from, or what their purpose is.

The government may know what they are and maybe where they come from, but they are not telling.

I thought that this short 42 second video was a good representation of what our human condition as it relates to these things that humans have been experiencing for hundreds even thousands of years may in fact be:

Chimps are smart as hell and human beings share 98.8% of their DNA code with them. And humans keep collections of chimps in glass enclosures so we can control and observe them.

Chimps in a glass enclosure, are to humans on planet earth, as humans are to?

"Did you study gorilla anatomy?" "No" :

Something Not Nothing to think about.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/21/24

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