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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

‘Anti-Capitalist’ Cafe Closes Down After A Year Due To A Lack Of Capital" The Anarchist, a Canadian coffee shop dedicated to fighting capitalism, is going out of business on May 30, about one year after its opening due to a lack of capital, according to its owner."

‘Anti-Capitalist’ Cafe Closes Down After A Year Due To A Lack Of Capital | The Daily Caller "The café sold coffee and tea alongside books and merchandise promoting radical leftist ideas, and was ardently anti-capitalist. The business was unable to obtain enough capital to stay in business during a slow winter season, the cafe’s owner, Gabriel Sims-Fewer, wrote in an online announcement about the closure."

“Unfortunately, the lack of generational wealth/seed capital from ethically bankrupt sources left me unable to weather the quiet winter season, or to grow in the ways needed to be sustainable longer-term,” Sims-Fewer wrote."

(Fully indoctrinated and programmed to fail IMO) Yes, this is happening in Canada, but it is instructive and applies also here in America and most all other places. Except possibly North Korea and a couple of other choice locations on the planet.

Do you think that this Canadian "Anti-capitalist" pseudo businessman will ever figure it out? Doubtful, he will always be resentful of those who are able to operate within real reality. I guess I really should not technically call him a "businessman".

Access to capital is essential in business, it is the life blood of business. And how do you acquire access to capital and that life blood? If you are not a winner of the random sperm / capital "generational wealth" lottery then you just begin, you start, sometimes from dead zero. You have a vision, a self-interest and a determination to provide a service and or a product that is essential or valuable to others and they pay you for that service and or product. They are willing by choice to surrender to you some of their precious capital / disposable income because you are providing value to them and their self-interest. And in providing that service or product you must to some degree make a profit over and above your costs at some point in the transaction in order to continue to support and provide that service or product. There are costs related to existence in other words. Can you continue to exist without eating? Try it. You must eat food and sustain yourself first whether it be plant or animal based to continue to exist. There is a cost to existing in the real world. And that is how simple business and capitalism is.

Does success and access to capital happen overnight? Rarely. Usually you begin small, work every day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and in doing so you in time can build experience, trust, value and capital through your dedication and recognized competence in your chosen field or endeavor. People trust you and value your service and or product and they continue to want it because it helps sustain and it improves and brings value to their lives, their ambitions, their self-determination and their self-interests. Hoping and ideological wishing how "things should be" is not a business model, those are the musings of a child's mind. Or the mind of someone who unfortunately has been convinced about what MUST be rather than informed, persuaded and educated about how things naturally are and operate.

1 + 2 must always equal 3, here and at every other point in the observable universe. Every time. Socialist thinking is magical thinking where there are no costs to existence or doing business. All there is are ideological whimsical thoughts and models that have nothing to do with reality and sustaining one's life. What is the test to see if your interpretation of reality is accurate or just fanciful wonderings that only exist between your ears? Introducing your concepts and ideas to the real world and having people embrace and continue to use them. Or test them and reject them. Very simple.

And if you refuse to do so and prove the validity of your concepts and ideas and still insist that people embrace, use and adhere to your concepts and or ideas in the real world? Now you are a despot, a King, a dictator, a mandator, a delusional government, a socialist. You can have it both ways for a while, but that comes by the use of force and the elimination of all of those who dare to reject and defy you.

And now you have become what you say you despise, an oppressor, a confiscator of generational wealth, freedom and resources. When you endeavor to argue against such absolute universal truths of reality, and you insist and spend your time and efforts, and you work against such things then you are defying the rules of the universe. And how do you think that is going to work out for you? At some point you must take through brute force from others in order to sustain your faulty model.

Capitalism works because it most closely reflects the universal absolute truths of the universe and existence. And you can work within those absolute rules of the universe and still be a good, moral and productive person. Which does not mean that abuses and corruption within the corporate / business / capitalist model does not occur.

Can unregulated or not properly regulated capitalism be dangerous, deadly, confiscatory and evil? Yes, yes it can, it can be just as dangerous, deadly, confiscatory and evil as communism. 100% And what is it that ATTEMPTS to properly regulate such things, to mitigate those undesirable deadly, evil and confiscatory potentials? Socialism? No. A properly regulated legal, law, court and justice system and a right to private property and self-determination within a capitalistic system structured by a constitution is.

And that exact constitutional system, that proposed ATTEMPT to counterbalance those undesirable potentials is what exists within what the Constitution of the United States for all and everyone who chooses to participate in it.

Is it perfect? Are there warts, perversions and corruptions? Yes, there are. But nothing is perfect, and it is the best system we have got. If individual freedom and self-determination is in fact your desired operational end result that is. J.G.L. 5/16/23

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